Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s iOS 13 Release

Apple, in its Annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), has released iOS 13 with a plethora of attractive features. “With a refreshing look to take you to the whole new level”, iOS 13 is full of fascinating surprises. The tech giant has focused on delivering high performance, ensuring privacy, and providing utmost convenience to users. From adding superior battery life and making the musical experience more enjoyable to providing a highly secured sign-in process and ease in sharing, iOS 13 is here to win praises.

Top 15 Features of Apple iOS 13

#1 Sign In Process: The sign-in process has become a lot simpler and convenient for service makers and developers. You can easily sign in into the apps with a ‘button tap’, and the device will identify with either Touch ID or Face ID. The users can use their Apple IDs to authenticate and Apple will provide the developers with a unique random ID to protect their users’ identity.#2 Performance: The promising face ID in iOS 13 will make things 30% faster which in turn make the launch of apps faster. It has also introduced changes in the form of a new swiping keyboard or ‘Quick Path’ keyboard. iOS will now pull files from USB flash drives and SD cards to import into the files app. Both Privacy and performance have always been a pivotal point for Apple.#3 Battery: Nothing can be more frustrating than a constantly draining battery. Keeping longevity under consideration, iOS 13 can preserve your battery life. When the feature is enabled, your phone will charge till a certain point and the remaining is filled up right before you unplug or use your phone.#4 Dark Mode: iOS 13 has a visual update in the form of system-wide dark mode. You can switch between dark mode and light mode, between sunset to sunrise as per your comfort level. You can either turn on the ‘automatic’ button or you can have ‘options’ as per your convenience.#5 Find Your Device: It is a general notion that it’s hard to find a device that is offline. The location of devices can be detected even when they have not connected to anything in any way. The disconnected Apple product will act as a secure Bluetooth beacon. The device can relay its location to other Apple devices in an encrypted way.#6 Maps: Apple has added a plethora of new features in Apple maps. You can easily explore places to shop with your buddies, access your favorite restaurants, travel destinations, frequent destinations, most recent searches, and lists, unlike Google maps. With this revolutionary redoing of Apple, you can quickly access all of these by simply tapping on the launch screen.#7 Screenshots: Screenshots are trending today, Apple has made an attempt to make this era of screenshots more streamlined. You just need to tap the button, and it will capture the entire page in that screenshot. Without any manual scrolling, your iOS and iPadOS device can support taking the full page screenshots.#8 Reminders: Reminders can be managed more smartly. This smart mechanism will have a toolbar to assign location, time, flag, and attachment with a particular reminder. Reminders can be smoothly integrated with your to-do list or you can also tag a friend. By using Siri, you can easily set up the reminders, even while you are chatting.#9Video Editing: Everyone loves editing these days, be it photos, videos, and audio files, etc. iOS 13 has some interesting features for video editing. With numerous fascinating filters and effects, cropping options, and choices on ratios, you can now make changes in the original video and reset them if you need to. This powerful video editing will take editing to a whole new level.#10 Images: Just like videos, you can make stunning changes in the image files too. You can easily apply lighting effects in portrait shots. It can highlight the photos from specific days and dates. Machine learning will get rid of clutter like duplicate photos, hence the photos app will have a better user interface.#11 Browser Experience: Safari is a graphical web browser, and in iOS 13 a lot of changes have been made in safari. As per sites, you can make changes in readers mode, blockers, multiple tab bookmarks and so on. You can change the size of an image before uploading it. You will get pop-ups, which can enhance your experience over the browser. Safari will get per-website preference.#12 Changes in Apps: In iOS 13, an app can access your location just for once, then it needs to ask for your permission for the same, next time you use it. Also, there are certain improvements made in the screen time. You can limit your children’s exposure on apps, and you can set limits over the usage of social media, gaming, or other addictive apps.#13 Music: iOS 13 has added this functionality where lyrics can be displayed in synchronization with music. You can also skip a part of the song by clicking on any section of the lyrics. Even without pairing or keeping your current activity on hold, you can share the audio you are listening with someone else’s airpods. The same song can be played in two sets of airpods between two individuals.#14 Sharing: Data connection may pose a threat to ‘sharing’. Hence, it has added an option, where you can share things seamlessly with your family members. iCloud members of your family can connect to your device hotspot. You don’t need to set up any wi-fi setup or put a new password. You can easily switch wi-fi network from the control center.#15 Navigation: While navigating an app, you just need to use your voice. Voice gestures, navigation commands, numbers, names of accessibility labels, grids and recorded commands can be used to provide comprehensive navigation. Navigation commands can swiftly open apps, search and more.Zymr is a leading iOS App development services company which intensively works with a team of specialized iOS developers, who focus on custom agile process, to provide end-to-end services with effective maintenance and support. Our services do not only ensure profitability but consistent growth, excellent UX and superior ROI.Partner with our team today for a leading-edge iOS experience and leave the execution on us for all your iPad/iPhone app development related needs.


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