Why Should You Prioritize Application Modernization Now More Than Ever?

A study by MarketWatch states that “the market size of app modernization services is expected to grow to USD 16.67 billion by 2022”. Statistics have repeatedly highlighted that most organizations fail to tap the full potential of digital technologies due to their dependence on legacy apps. The significant factors behind the upturn in demand for the modernization services market are the rapid adoption of cloud computing and an increase in organizational appetite for digital transformation as legacy apps are difficult to integrate with the latest technologies like AI, IoT, and more.Today, software technologies are getting fine-tuned and deployed at an unfathomable scale. Legacy app modernization has become significant as it enables organizations to have the necessary agility and ability to respond to dynamic market changes. Many of them thrive on modernizing apps to take advantage of rapid technological innovations and meet modern digital demands. Let’s quickly check out the benefits of app modernization that make it worth prioritizing for your business today.

  • Act as the key to fast-track your digital transformation goals by blending the right technology, the right people, and strategic planning, thereby helping you stay relevant.
  • Inject flexibility, resilience, and agility to help you propel innovation, outperform your competitors, improve operational efficiency, and meet your customers' needs.
  • Boost the productivity of your employees and increase their motivation and satisfaction levels as they get a chance to work on the latest tools and technologies.
  • Modernization strengthens the security posture against the legacy structure as now the apps are compatible with the latest security standards, protocols, and regulations.
  • Minimize operational costs and unnecessary investments by alleviating the burden on IT operations, ensuring business continuity and growth in the dynamic markets.
  • Quickly convert a legacy app into a cloud-based app which allows you to reap the phenomenal cloud benefits with superior effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Enhance the experiences of your end customers by revolutionizing the user interface, automating manual processes, and introducing new features.
  • Allow development of new features and services that are purpose-built and align with your current and future business objectives.
  • Provide a sharp competitive edge because of reduced technical debt, improved compatibility, increased revenue streams, and promote long-term organizational growth.

The recent pandemic has made organizations realize that the absence of modernization can pose many challenges. To explore app modernization further, we have curated some critical points that you need to think about when thinking about app modernization. App modernization goes beyond cloud or technology as it extends to organizational changes and upskilling of teams to develop the latest apps. It acts as one of the most innovative strategies to leverage modern tools, platforms, and frameworks. It is closely intertwined with DevOps, cloud-native, and cloud-first.Automation as one of the modern app capabilities is known to fuel innovation. Cloud re-platforming, container adoption, and serverless refactoring are the paths to app modernization. Cloud-native re-platforming improves scalability and availability. Serverless refactoring can be considered while getting started with app modernization. Migration from on-premises to the cloud with a serverless approach can decrease the cost. Moreover, incremental modernization can help you scale business-critical apps, enhance performance, and bring resilience.Zymr’s App Modernization Services - Identify The Right Modernization Strategy With UsUnleash true business value and realize transformation goals with our app modernization services. Bring the core legacy IT infrastructure to life — Partner with Zymr to unlock the app’s potential, embrace the digital future, and gear up for tomorrow. Reimagine legacy infrastructure with us to win big in the modern business landscape. Let’s get started on your goal of legacy modernization.


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