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Zymr is a Silicon Valley based cloud consulting and full-stack software development services company. Combining agile development practices with our global delivery centers, we deliver fit-for-purpose software that scales with your business needs. We work alongside our customers as an integrated software product engineering team to deliver disruptive solutions within challenging timelines. Whether you need to migrate legacy services to the cloud, sharpen your current cloud strategy, or architect new solutions spanning multiple environments, we ensure that your initiatives realize maximum value. Domain expertise matters.


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Our Success StoriesOur agile software development teams are trained to design and deliver software that seamlessly surround our customer's core. Our cloud technology solutions have the finesse that is guaranteed to delight end-customers.

Unified Datacenter Management

With the advent of the cloud era, data centers are increasingly being powered by unified fabric-based systems, such as the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), that integrate ‘compute’, ‘network’ and ‘storage’. The industry is transitioning away from the rigid platforms of the past, and moving towards more flexible, integrated, and virtualized environments. Zymr leveraged one of its technology accelerators, and its substantial experience in orchestration for complex systems, to enhance Cisco’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, so that it could perform multi-vendor IT and power management.

IoT & Enterprise Cyber Security

Traditional enterprise and industrial IoT network security solutions are heavily reliant on old and out of date technologies that can sometimes defend against unsophisticated attacks. How does one secure the enterprise against persistent and advanced cyber security threats?

Zymr augmented our client’s cyber security analytics platform by developing a full-stack Cloud Orchestration and Security Management platform with compelling UX/UI and backend services.

Social Canvas

It feels like drinking from the firehose when you try to consume rich multimedia news and blogs from variety of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and news feeds. How does one easily create and curate rich multimedia content from any source, organize it by event or topic, and share it with one’s social graph?

Zymr developed a highly responsive social blogging platform comprising ‘MEAN’ stack (replacing MongoDB with AeroSpike NoSQL DB), JavaScript UI, REST APIs, iOS and Android Apps and hosted on Amazon AWS.

Vodafone 'GroupOn' E-Commerce Marketplace

On the heels of the GroupOn debut, Vodafone moved to create its own mobile commerce marketplace to tap into its captive subscribers of businesses and mobile consumers.
Zymr worked with Vodafone to develop GroupOn competitive e-Commerce marketplace leveraging Zymr’s SantaFe and Magento. Zymr developed Web, iOS and Android apps, campaign management, mobile payment. Vodafone launched these in Europe as part of its myVodafone portal.

Agile Mobile Test Automation

As more and more employees use enterprise applications on mobile devices to access organizational systems and data, the need for data security has become a major concern for CIOs across the globe. How can businesses actively guard against data breaches caused by malicious attacks or the accidental leakage of information in the cloud? How can businesses meet their privacy and compliance requirements while still providing employees the competitive advantages associated with collaboration over cloud?

Smart Grid Management Cloud App

The generation and consumption of energy is poised for a change in the near future. Power plants are making way for solar panels or wind turbines that only generate energy when the sun shines or the wind blows. Several consumers are beginning to generate their own energy, becoming self-sufficient and may have excess energy to share. With energy decisions increasingly being made by consumers, and not energy companies, it is vital that the reliability, affordability and accessibility of energy supply is maintained. How can energy companies encourage consumers to make choices that not only benefit them, but the energy distribution system as a whole? How can energy companies reward consumers for sharing energy with each other? How can smart-meters be used to provide variable energy pricing and flexible transmission tariffs to automate this decision-making?

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Our CustomersZymr works with some of the most demanding venture-funded startups, as well as mid-to-large enterprises, to render their cloud-enabled products and services.

Unified Datacenter Management

Zymr developed a unified Cisco Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Zymr developed Rasa UX design driven advanced Wi-Fi analytics orchestration and UI.

Groupon-Style eCommerce

Zymr developed a full-stack Vodafone eCommerce cloud app, comparable to Groupon.

Splunk Cloud App Platform

Zymr developed Splunk’s next generation Splunk Cloud platform UI.

Healthcare Service Portal

Zymr developed a healthcare service portal with HL7 snaps to leading EHR solutions.

Application Performance Management

Zymr developed scalable datacenter IT equipment fault collection, analysis and correlation.

Social Blogging Platform

Zymr developed UX/UI and Mobile Apps for Kanvz’s social blogging platform.

DLP Security QE Automation

Zymr developed Digital Guardian/Code Green Network’s DLP QE automation framework.

Mobile Commerce Solution

Zymr partnered to develop a mobile commerce and cloud platform for a Tier-1 European service provider.

Big Data Availability

Zymr partnered to develop Talena’s big data availability platform UI and scalability testing.

Uber-style Apps for Commuters

Zymr partnered to develop Nimbler’s mobile apps and cloud platform for multi-modal transit.

CipherCloud for Office 365 and Saleforce

Zymr developed mobile test automation and performance engineering for CipherCloud.

Cyber Security Orchestration

Zymr developed full-stack cyber security orchestration and management.

Behavioral Health Analytics

Zymr partners to develop patient centric behavioral health platform integrated with IBM Watson.

Wi-Fi Network-as-a-Service

Zymr partners to develop Accelera’s Wi-Fi NaaS cloud controller, Multi-tenant UI and Mobile apps.

Social Impact FinTech Platform

Zymr develops SoPact’s social investing and impact financial analytics platform.

Executive Dashboard iPad App

Zymr developed Code Green Network’s DLP security Executive Dashboard as a native iPad App.

Charity SaaS Marketplace

Zymr developed CaaS’s framework, similar to Amazon Smile for CSR and PSR enablement.

Big Data Solution Dashboard

Zymr developed Guavus’s Big Data solutions dashboard for use by field sales operations.

IT Security Professional Network

Zymr partnered to develop PeerLyst’s IT professional network responsive JavaScript UI.

Big Data Orchestration Platform

Zymr partnered to develop this stealth startup’s Big Data Orchestration JavaScript UI.

Cloud SD-WAN Solution

Zymr partnered to develop a full-stack cloud SD-WAN solution for Microsoft Skype-for-Business.

Wi-Fi Analytics Orchestration

Zymr developed Aruba/Rasa multi-tenant SaaS orchestration and probe management framework.

Social Platform for Global Sports

Zymr developed full-stack social network with mobile apps for FIFA World Cup & NFL American Football.

Chat App with Video-Emojis

Zymr developed full-stack social chatting app to share stock video-emojis over Android and iPhone apps.

FinTech Learning Platform

Zymr developed full-stack advanced investment and hedging learning platform, similar to ThinkorSwim.

QE Automation for CI/CD

Zymr developed Accelera’s automated CI/CD framework using Jenkins and Robot test frameworks.

DLP Security Reporting

Zymr developed Code Green Network’s DLP Reporting Framework.

Our Venture Capital EcosystemZymr prides itself on earning the trust of the most discriminating innovation visionaries of Silicon Valley, who are founders of startups funded by these distinguished, top-tier, venture capitalists. Together we solve real problems and launch market-tested, innovative cloud products that have the power to transform the world.

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BlogWelcome to the Zymr blog, our homegrown think tank where Zymr's engineers and bloggers congregate to improve the software world.

  • Oct 31, 2017 Is Cassandra Good For Read Operations?

    Apache Cassandra is the leading NoSQL, distributed database management system driving many of today’s modern business applications by offering continuous availability, high scalability and performance, strong security and operational simplicity...

  • Oct 24, 2017 An Introduction to HL7 and FHIR-HL7 Standards

    As technology advances, and we begin to graft mobile devices and apps into healthcare networks, the need for a compliant framework driving application development has become clear. HL7 provides such...

  • Oct 03, 2017 PostgreSQL Full Text Search(FTS) with Hibernate

    Text search has become an essential requirement for any modern web application. Often we require advanced search capabilities in our web application which cannot be fulfilled with default search operators...

  • Sep 18, 2017 WannaCry Worm and The State of IoT Security

    The ransomware “WannaCry” worm has devastated the globe overnight when it utilized spam, deployed multiple infection methods, and even stole from leaked NSA exploits. Roughly 75,000 PCs were infected. But, what...

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