AIOps, ITOps, and APM Enterprise Infrastructure

The Client

Resolve is an IT operational analytics software company that provides near real-time correlation, analytics, and visualization across legacy and modern software orchestrated environments. It helps automatically detect, predict, and quickly resolve issues across your hybrid IT stack and is into Artificial Intelligence to Modernize IT Operations.

Key Outcomes

AIOps-based APN solution for optimizing network performance.
Scaled Resolve AIOps platform for enterprise-scale with many branch offices.

Business Challenges

Resolve wanted a solution to discover multi-vendor IT networking, compute and storage tiers; visualize relationships between apps and IT infrastructure; monitor operations from workloads to the underlying IT infrastructure, and analyze in real-time operational flows, faults, and performance. The company generated various reports for functional status and optimization. Zymr was chosen for its prior networking and data center experience to build a strategy for south-bound discovery and monitoring.,

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Resolve successfully released its first-generation cutting-edge datacenter operations analytics suite.

Strategy and Solutions

Our team developed a multi-tier Application Performance Management (APN) CloudTech product for datacenter deployed enterprise application management. Resolve defined a multi-tiered implementation architecture comprising four tiers. Tier-1 focused on UI and ecosystem connectivity, Tier-2 for analytics, Tier-3 for data-collection and Tier-4 was for the underlying enterprise data centers, wherein we delivered FCAPS monitoring services. The first phase focused on FM using SNMP, while the second phase focused on log management and performance monitoring. We developed analysis using Apache-Storm infrastructure, adding various metadata and rules-based smart correlation of faults, events, alerts, etc. Our team created a comprehensive fault, system, and audit logging. We developed the Jenkins and GitFlow based CI process with nightly builds, automated unit-testing, and system testing, code-reviews, and regression testing, and Git was used as a repository. By creating a comprehensive test plan for portions of the system, we were responsible for FCAPS, Analytics, and Correlations of faults. We developed parts of the automated testing, primarily using Python, and enabled integration with Resolve’s automation framework that was build using TestNG and Selenium. Zymr continues to support customer trials and deployment in complex datacenter settings, with hundreds of devices and applications.

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