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Accelerate development, integration, and orchestration of digital components on the go.

Accelerate software delivery, transform application delivery processes, and automate delivery pipelines across every cloud platform through DevOps. Build quality CI/CD pipelines, automate deployment, develop resilient systems, deliver real-time results, and deploy future-gen tools and technology. Leverage a DevOps approach that is an optimal blend of cutting-edge tools and technologies with business agility to help you deliver applications at a faster pace.

Act smarter, collaborate faster, and deliver better with our DevOps Consulting Services that provide operational efficiency to drive your business productivity. Fast-track the delivery of your product with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, and Data Intelligence to serve end-users better with end-to-end automation. Our next-gen DevOps services bridge the gap between development and operations to drive business growth.

Our Services

  • DevOps Consulting 1

    DevOps Consulting

    Create a strategic roadmap with DevOps Assessment, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, DevOps Pipelines, and Continuous Testing with Jenkins and Docker. Get assistance in the infrastructure audit and current software delivery processes to take production-ready code to the market at a robust pace with minimal discrepancies.

  • DevOps_CI-CD Pipeline

    CI/CD Pipeline

    Bridge the DevOps gap with CI/CD along with continuous testing and deployment. Maximize productivity and deliver new software updates with our CI/CD services. Our offerings that are aligned with the Agile mindset, DevOps principles, automation, and design-thinking environment. We help you develop high-quality software with predictable delivery schedules.

  • DevOps_Configuration and Management

    Configuration and Management

    Achieve outstanding performance with DevOps workflow practices and configure it with your business to drive productivity. Establish consistency between your software and system, and develop a dynamic ecosystem to facilitate DevOps. We help you manage lean operations and induce agility and flexibility to assess issues faster with an extensive tech stack.

  • DevOps Continuous Testing and Monitoring

    Continuous Testing and Monitoring

    Increase quality, get robust feedback on the codes and encourage the testing teams to parallelly run the tests. We monitor systems with testing and validation services including automation testing, performance testing, regression testing, requirements validation, functionality validation, service virtualization, test optimization, software development audit.

Why Zymr?

  • Move to the next frontier with services that drive productivity, accelerate modernization, boost software delivery initiatives, and propel the adoption of DevSecOps.
  • Improve reliability and flexibility to enhance the software quality with customized DevOps services that focus on fixes, features, and updates to fit your every business need.
  • Leverage our hands-on experience in Microservices, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Harness, Openstack, Nagios, and Splunk.
  • We have testing experts who use and deploy CI/CD tools at your facility along with Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Scalability Testing, and Load Testing.
  • We automate the software delivery process and ensure that every application is tested, secured, and ready for deployment with our services that fit every business need.