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Enhance performance, boost security, and improve UX, all while lowering the operational risks.

Modernize your legacy applications to maximize business flexibility and minimize the risks associated with application failure. Streamline migration, integration of new functionalities, and management of multiple technology platforms to provide the latest functions to your business. Accelerate your digital transformative journey by modernizing application portfolio with the power of Agile mindset, UX-UI modernization, DevOps, APIs, Serverless Computing, and Microservices.

Our suite of modernization services includes re-platforming, re-hosting, rearchitecting, re-engineering, and interoperability of the application architecture. We leverage the latest technology stack to assist startups, ISVs, and enterprises. Transfer individual legacy applications or entire legacy application portfolio to modern platforms that deliver rich functionality, agility, and flexibility at a robust speed.

Our Services

  • Application Modernization_Discovery and Application Assessment

    Discovery and Application Assessment

    Transform your infrastructure system with our full-fledged application assessment services and develop business cases to renew the legacy applications. Our strategy helps you determine the readiness of your application, focus on core business applications, and create an outline considering business benefits, risk factors, dependencies, and recommendations.

  • Application Modernization_Microservices and Containers

    Microservices and Containers

    Microservices and containers help you build and deploy new features with agility. Seamlessly test new functions, roll out the updates, eliminate bugs, and system crashes with an excellent UX while overcoming data loss and downtime issues. We help you strategize your transition from a monolithic architecture to microservices with the right tech stack.

  • Application Modernization_Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Make your applications intelligent by powering them to make smarter decisions, enabling them to adapt to the market changes rapidly, and producing more predictive models. We can help you develop an IT modernization roadmap that enables AI adoption for modernization, and develop the ML functionality on the same platform where you store analytics data.

  • ZYMR Application Modernization_UI-UX Modernization

    UI-UX Modernization

    Experience UI-UX services that provide user-centric experiences with information architecture, content contextualization, and personalization to drive end-user engagement. Our design-studio crafts ideal consumer-grade user experience for your application and modernizes them with well-known UI-UX practices to improve adoption rates and conversion rates.

  • Application Modernization_Application Migration

    Application Migration

    Experience our migration services, including migration solutions, application backend migration, database modeling, and everything in between. Facilitate applications backend migration to the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and RestFul API’s development in Python, Java, and Node.js. We migrate legacy applications and systems using next-gen technologies.

  • Application Modernization_DevOps _ Automation

    DevOps & Automation

    Deploy proven DevOps best practices and principles to improve applications, incorporate new capabilities, and enhance user experience. Inject automation to modernize legacy applications with Containers, Microservices, and Cloud. Refactor monolithic using Microservices, application containerization for infrastructure, and CI-CD for DevOps optimization.

Why Zymr?

  • Leverage our technical expertise, technology stack, and strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Minimize operational risks with our strategic approach coupled with an Agile mindset, Automation testing, UX-UI modernization, DevOps, APIs, and Microservices.
  • Get advantage of our industry-wide experience and technological know-how in transferring major line-of-business applications to modern platforms.
  • Enhance the power and capabilities of your existing applications and systems to achieve scalability, maintainability, and deployment at ease.
  • Improve user experience, increase productivity, protect investment, and get a competitive edge with our modernization approach loaded with benefits.