IoMT-Based Healthcare Solution

The Client

The client, a leading U.S. based healthcare technology company. They boast skilled teams in robotics, human-centered design, engineering, and software development, driving innovation in healthcare solutions.

Key Outcomes

Built the health tech solution utilizing Azure native services, including IoT hub, security, authentication, voice, and video services.
The solution enabled secure notifications to care teams, optimizing patient care and operational efficiency.

Business Challenges

The client's product faced a business challenge when developing their IoMT robot, requiring a multi-tenant SaaS healthcare product engineering acceleration to meet time-to-market goals. Lacking in-house expertise, they sought a reliable development partner to provide essential assistance and expertise in achieving their objectives efficiently.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

By successfully developing the IoMT management platform, the client achieved significant business impact. They now offer secure and reliable management of the client's product IoMT devices, delivering HIPAA-compliant solutions with seamless integration to diverse EHRs. The ability to scale to over 1 million IoMT devices with 99.95% reliability enhances their market position and empowers healthcare providers with cutting-edge technology for improved patient care and operational efficiency.

Strategy and Solutions

The solution designed by the client leveraged Azure native services to achieve an innovative and efficient healthcare system. Each the client's product device was seamlessly registered into a patient's account, while voice-based assistance through Azure Cortana and video-based services using Azure Face APIs enhanced user experience. The integration of video feeds into patient-specific record keeping and seamless backend integration with EHR systems streamlined data management. The added support for secure notifications to the care team, including doctors, nurses, and family members, ensured effective communication and collaboration. Utilizing Azure IoT hub, security, authentication, voice, and video services played a pivotal role in accelerating the client's product's healthcare services, providing a comprehensive and cutting-edge IoMT management platform.

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