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We started a dozen years ago in Silicon Valley to build a cloud orchestration platform when the cloud computing industry was nascent. Soon, the word got out about Zymr's cloud-savvy skills, and our venture capitalist friends introduced us to help their startups in cloud-native platform engineering.Over the past decade, we have perfected our cloud-scale technical skills, matured our agile development processes, and deepened our industry domain expertise. Our secret sauce lies in our design-thinking culture and our deeply talented, dedicated, full-stack cloud engineers. We are ready to assist you in your digital ecosystem engineering journey.

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Zymr Inc - Cloud Forwarding Services


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Zymr Inc - Cloud Forwarding Services
Haresh Kumbhani - CEO & Founder, Zymr

" A decade ago, we started with a mission to democratize silicon valley innovation ethos, and our track record has been pretty awesome."

Haresh Kumbhani
CEO & Founder, Zymr

We Have Built And Modernized 200+ Digital Ecosystem So Far

With Zymr you can

We Strategize

Digital transformation and cloud initiatives

We Design

Well-architected cloud-native platforms

We Develop

Scalable and secure multi-cloud digital ecosystems

We Improve

Site reliability by automating DevSecOps and testing