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The Client

Mozzaz is a Canada-based healthcare solutions company that delivers mobile solutions for complex care patients and the care teams, which support them.

Key Outcomes

Developed Azure-native patient management with 4 EHR integrations on Mozzaz.
Developed advanced reporting with Azure analytics engine for healthcare delivery.

Business Challenges

Seamless integration with the EHR systems of various Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) was required to realize the full potential of the HIPAA-compliant cloud and mobile solution. The main challenge was building a service orchestration solution that could easily be integrated with a variety of leading EHRs like MEDITECH or CoCENTRIX.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Mozzaz built a secure HealthTech service orchestration solution, which enabled the integration of the client’s behavioral health application with EHR systems of major health delivery organizations in North America. The startup created a HIPAA-compliant cloud and mobile solution which could empower patients to be active participants in their own long-term care. The mobile platform allowed them to access, adjust, and refine their electronic healthcare information from anywhere, at any time, and to get better support from the family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who assisted them.

Strategy and Solutions

Zymr developed a smarter service orchestration solution that comprised rules-based EHR integration snaps to facilitate rapid EHR integration. The client’s service orchestration solution was built using microservices architecture and HL7/ FHIR-HL7 compliant rules-based snaps. The core systems of the client’s solution evolved independently from the service orchestration solution which we created, as these were loosely-coupled with each other. We developed all the components of the service orchestration in Java. Our QE team performed an end-to-end system testing with the root EHR snap, and a simulated EHR, before real-world integration. This pre-testing of root EHR snap enabled smoother and faster client-specific EHR integrations. Our DevOps team ensured the Microsoft Azure-based cloud deployment with full HA to enable 24×7 and secure full-duplex interchange of data between the client’s solution and HDO’s EHR system. We used the SantaFe microservices cloud framework and a highly stable, reliable, and a scalable platform was developed in Java to create rules-based integration with leading EHR systems compliant with HL7, HL7-FHIR protocols. This overlay architecture of service orchestration avoided messy changes to the client’s solution, which was developed using the Microsoft .NET framework. Administrative web consoles were developed using Angular JavaScript. Our expert team enabled scalable deployment of the client’s service orchestration solution on Microsoft Azure cloud environments, which would interact with HDO’s EHR systems securely. We created this solution by using the Agile development process in a fully integrated CI/CD environment.

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