Top Four Testing Considerations That Ensure A Successful Cloud Migration Journey

Your real journey starts once you decide to migrate your workload to the cloud. A strategic testing plan is what your business needs to make the migration successful. A comprehensive testing plan ensures seamless migration by fixing server breakdown or downtime issues, database errors, and technical glitches that otherwise could have hindered the move. Cloud migration may seem challenging if testing is sidelined in the migration strategy. Businesses that want to succeed in the cloud environment have realized the role of testing professionals behind successful migration. The main focus of cloud migration testing is functional testing, performance testing, integration testing, and security testing that ultimately ensure migration success. Cloud migration services are getting colossal traction to make this strategic move more streamlined. This blog will focus on the role of QA and testing in migration success. Let’s look at them one by one.#1 Functional testing - Functional testing is pivotal to ensure the app is functioning in the right way, just as it is supposed to. The emphasis lies on various factors such as the function of an, whether the app meets requirements, app testing from the perspectives of users, and the production-readiness of the migrated apps through a detailed analysis of every factor. Functional testing should be automated to manage complex apps better. Said that end-to-end validation of SaaS or cloud services functions and app’s functions are performed to ensure the cloud migration success. Points that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility
  • Compatibility of the automated test suite with the cloud apps
  • Pay attention to service integration with other apps
  • Analyze the input to get desirable outcomes
  • Focus on page layout and object references

#2 Performance testing - Performance testing is a significant factor in determining cloud migration success, and it is a critical aspect of app development. Migrating an app to a cloud service includes response time implications and scalability factors. It is advisable to bring a team of experienced testing professionals to make the migration successful. Performance testing examines the app or software for issues that need attention. Points that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Analyze business transactions, SLAs, and app’s end-to-end flow
  • Identify the app’s architecture that is incompatible with the cloud
  • Examine the monitoring requirements and setup tools
  • Keep a track to validate response times in regards to SLAs
  • Perform load testing to ensure desirable performances
  • Performance should be recorded under different loads that meet the SLAs

#3 Integration testing - Migration is much more than moving the in-house workload to the cloud. The process incorporates managing the aspects of authorization and authentication, compatibility, integration, security, testing, continuous monitoring, etc. Wherein integration with third-party tools plays an indispensable role. Businesses need to ensure that their apps are integrated well with third-party apps and are communicating seamlessly without any glitches. It is essential to identify the dependencies among apps, and the SLAs every app has as the dependencies among systems and apps can make integration testing challenging. Points that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Interfaces and systems that are a part of integration testing
  • Resources for validation and integration testing
  • Integration of multiple apps makes migration complicated
  • Test the cloud with third-party tools when there are varying SLAs
  • Identify coordination glitches in the cloud environment
  • Apps are configured with a cloud environment

#4 Security testing - Security is one of the biggest impediments while deciding to go cloud. Cloud providers spend millions of dollars to safeguard their client’s workload. As attacks have become more sophisticated, data security in the cloud needs advanced security procedures, measures, and strategies. Security testing ensures software systems and apps do not have security vulnerabilities and are protected against threats involved in migration. Businesses need to focus on user validation and validation of data security at rest, in use, and during transit. Points that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Identify legacy apps that are running on outdated platforms
  • Cloud network must be accessed only by authorized users
  • Examine the data access, data storage, and sensitive data
  • Security measures against DDoS attacks
  • Application, frontend, and backend process validation
  • Identify the compliance requirements

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