The Importance of ServiceNow in Cloud Management

The cloud is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep the overhead costs of a robust IT infrastructure under control. With cloud management services, an IT staff can focus on streamlining accessibility, maintenance and operations of services and data in the cloud without facing challenges associated with cloud migration, integration, administration and IT management.

Service Management

Many companies rely on an efficient workflow that suffers when the company has not maintained its workplaces at an optimum level. These workplaces often reside in the field with employees that must move rapidly from one client to the next while maintaining a high level of quality service. ServiceNow replaces the slow pace associated with emails, spreadsheets and long meetings in a central location with an intuitive collaborative workspace that employees can easily access and update regardless of their location. Team members collaborate without ever seeing one another and field employees go straight from one assignment to the next with very little wasted time when they make use of efficient workplace management services. ServiceNow’s service management includes vital components such as the ability to track employee productivity, legal considerations such as contracts and compliance tracking, finance management and marketing strategies.

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IT Operations Management

IT professionals enjoy the ability to focus on the big picture when they can spend less time troubleshooting issues and more time developing infrastructure to suit the company’s needs. ServiceNow improves the visibility, operations, and agility of IT operations with three levels of service that ensure that each employee can easily access vital information without worrying about downtime caused by undetected IT issues. ServiceNow provides customizable self-service features that increase the efficiency of governance, issue detection and troubleshooting of IT infrastructure. Enabling IT professionals to proactively solve performance issues instead of reacting to downtime and operational issues.

Business Management

Managers can keep track of anything from finances to governance and spot critical issues at a glance with ServiceNow’s business management options. A single system of record provides business managers with everything they need to balance cost, resources and demands on their business. IT executives spend less time explaining the expenses involved with maintaining infrastructure that matches the company’s needs and more time delivering what the company truly needs in the form of improved uptime. Managing the many components involved in running a competitive business feels less like a juggling act when managers can balance out employees, vendors and compliance needs with fewer concerns about missing a vital element. The resulting productivity translates into operational excellence across all organizational departments.

IT professionals enjoy using ServiceNow’s cloud services for the ease of use that takes many of the headaches out of keeping vital IT infrastructure such as servers up and running. Field workers, team members and managers can maximize productivity by keeping the workflow moving smoothly without losing time while touching base with other team members or moving between assignments. This leads to a more efficient business and increased customer satisfaction when ServiceNow’s services are integrated into a company’s IT needs.


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