Digital Transformation Service Provider

Delivering high touch convergent digital transformation services that offer incisive, data-driven, and human-centric experiences.

Our teams help businesses forge ahead and champion your digital transformation by offering a range of advanced services. We offer flexible engagement models for the three phases of digital transformation:

  • Discovery and Design
  • Migration and Modernization
  • Prioritization and Planning

Three Phases of Digital Transformation

Why zymr

  • Cutting-edge transformation initiatives, best-of-breed designs, and robust ideation teams that can build rapid proofs-of-concept to put the advanced architecture to test and help you create a cohesive Digital Transformation strategy.
  • Get a result-oriented delivery approach that can enhance your user experience with our design expertise, wireframes interaction, design visual, design prototyping, and information architecture, taxonomy, and storyboarding user persona.
  • Deep expertise in migration and modernization that focuses primarily on rearchitecting and refactoring the apps/software that are fast-paced, evolving, and would benefit most from the cloud-native and cloud capabilities.

Our Success Stories

wepay Fintech Enterprise

Our Success Stories

Fortune-50 Financial Risk Management Platform
A shifting regulatory environment in Europe had introduced additional complexity into the client’s financial compliance roadmap. The client’s ability to continue scaling its business in digital payments to new clients in Europe was being threatened by these new regulatory challenges with the introduction of GDPR.
Mozzaz Mental Health Service Orchestration
Zymr developed a smarter service orchestration solution that comprised rules-based EHR integration snaps to facilitate rapid EHR integration.