Top 5 Notable Enterprise Cloud Strategy Trends To Increase Business Growth

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Cloud computing has become the first choice of businesses looking forward to transforming IT portfolios. Metamorphosis in the cloud has made the technology more advanced and mature, cloud-first approach more lucrative, workloads more portable, and infrastructure-less siloed. The rapidly growing technology has allowed businesses to drive innovative environments through flexible and independent platforms. Cloud encapsulates a multitude of opportunities wherein numerous dimensions are yet to be explored. Businesses need to stay on top of the emerging technologies and the latest cloud trends to make their cloud strategy more effective and successful. Let’s take a look at the top 5 enterprise cloud strategy trends that would enhance cloud scope to process enterprises’ mission-critical workflow rapidly.

Cloud Strategy Trend 1 - Inclination Toward Omni-Cloud Computing Feature

As one cloud doesn’t fit all, CEOs actively propagated multi and hybrid cloud strategies to swiftly move business applications, data, and workload between public clouds and private clouds running internally or hosted off-site by a provider. Modern startups and enterprises do not want to be stuck in vendor lock-ins situations; instead, they want to embrace an approach to get the best of the best services out of every cloud provider. Businesses are now moving to omni-cloud systems for improved security posture, unlimited scalability, real-time information, and better analytics. Omni-cloud computing leads to faster-moving, portable applications, robust connectivity that allows multiple platforms to streamline data with efficient integration and make data deployment systems more accessible and organized. Organizations have started to realize the benefits of omni-cloud computing solutions all across the world.

Cloud Strategy Trend 2 - Role of Quantum Computing in Computational Power

Quantum computing plays a vital role in enhancing and improving computational power and efficiency. This technology allows servers and computers to process information at rapid speed. It has emerged to keep up with the increasing demands of high data processing speed, superior efficiency, and computational power. Quantum computing will be further explored in Artificial Intelligence, Molecular & Financial Modeling, Cryptography, Weather Forecasting, and Particle Physics. As innovation progresses with every passing moment, there is a need for computational capacity to suffice future needs. As the cloud is developed on fast network systems, cloud computing solutions will play a pivotal role in enhancing computing power and performance. It can be assumed that the cloud will surprise the industry in 2020, where quantum computing seems to have a promising future.

Cloud Strategy Trend 3 - Cloud-Native to Achieve Business Goals

Cloud-native will take the center-stage with industry-wide acceptance. Businesses are going cloud-native to simplify the management, decrease time to market, lower operational costs, and get extensibility and security benefits. Cloud-native applications are the future as they provide faster release pace, superior user experience, ease of management, reliable system, avoid vendor lock-in situations, and more. Some of the significant cloud-native trends in 2020 include Serverless, Server Mesh, Kubernetes, Edge Computing, and Container Instances & Engines. Cloud-native is a game-changing technology considering the pace of digital disruption happening around. Businesses are opting for customized cloud applications to manage business requirements and gain a sharp competitive edge. Startups and enterprises become adaptive, resilient, and robust with a cloud-native architecture to withstand the business changes and seize valuable opportunities.

Cloud Strategy Trend 4 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Smart Business Decisions

Modern businesses have jumped on the AI bandwagon to get ahead of the competition and make smart decisions. The involvement of AI in the cloud is integral to enterprises that want to process data sustainably and systematically. Siri, Google Home, and Alexa integrate AI and cloud technologies in outstanding ways. Software as a Service (SaaS) is set to become intelligent SaaS. Machine learning is leveraged to develop many of the SaaS, BI, analytics, and IT Ops products. Cloud providers are infusing AI into chatbots and predictive analytics. AI will improve cloud computing solutions through AI-SaaS integration, and enhanced data management. AI and cloud can help businesses deliver exquisite user experience, increase work efficiency, and provide valuable insights. Cloud will become a de-facto standard to deal with large datasets as and when AI and machine learning are embedded into the infrastructure to manage a heavy workload.

Cloud Strategy Trend 5 - Focus on Security Issues in Complex Environment

Security and compliance issues have become a priority of every business as a single breach can cost millions of dollars and tarnish the reputation. Security is paramount as data privacy and security are the major hindrances during cloud adoption. Corporates adopt a vendor-agnostic approach and contemplate over SaaS solutions to eliminate security bottlenecks. Security weaklings and visibility discrepancies can be leveraged by cybercriminals, leading to governance and compliance issues. Major security focus should be on SDLC, threat intelligence, infrastructure & microservices security, threat & vulnerability management, logging & auditing, and compliance problems, and privileged access management and shared responsibility models. Security has to take the front seat as corporates are migrating business-critical workload to the public cloud.Takeaway - Cloud explosion has unimaginably changed the business dynamics in which the rapidly emerging cloud strategy trends are going to make the operations of the enterprises more streamlined, manageable, and Agile like never before.Cloud technology has become one of the prominent technologies without which it would be difficult to survive and thrive in the modern disruptive environment. Technologies like AI and strategies like hybrid or multi-cloud enhance competitive advantage, and security and compliance issues ensure secure migrations. All your business needs are a solution-focused cloud service provider who can reduce IT redundancies, enhance productivity, and optimize resource requirements. Experience the services of some of the most excellent cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and GCP with a trusted cloud consultant to define a future-state cloud business model. Looking for Top-notch Cloud Computing Solutions?Transform your traditional IT framework and extend your applications' core with our ‘ domain-driven-design’ to cloud computing solutions. We provide solutions for cloud operation services, migration, platform architecture design, DevOps, AI-powered applications, SaaS, CI/CD, and service orchestration to help you realize your business objectives. Our cloud solutions intertwine the intelligence and automation capabilities to provide services efficiently, effectively, and securely at a cloud-scale.Contact our team today to learn more about our cloud services.


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