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“Cloud transformation is the process of moving and migrating applications, software, desktops, or an entire infrastructure to cloud to realize business goals. This blog will help you understand how the cloud has enabled digital transformation and helped organizations embark on the transformative journey.”In this digital age, fast-paced organizations aspiring for next-gen growth lay phenomenal emphasis on swapping the traditional IT environments for cloud-based environments. Every organization is prioritizing cloud transformation to stay competitive in the business landscape. Cloud transformation enhances data efficiency, improves time-to-market, streamlines the network security, and whatnot by acting as an agent of digital disruption. Businesses know how important it is to turn to the cloud to modernize the IT infrastructure, develop in-built security, and serve customers digitally. Corporates that focus on digital transformation and cloud strategies gain a competitive advantage against the competitors. Let’s look at some of the key points highlighting the importance of the cloud in digital transformation.

  • Cloud As A Key Enabler Of Digital Transformation

Cloud, as a foundational enabler of digital transformation, has provided an opportunity to all-sized companies to pick up the pace to match the disruption happening across the industry. Cloud fits perfectly in the digital-first world as cloud-enabled transformation integrates people, processes, and data. Cloud guarantees unmatched scalability and resilience to the Agile business landscape to help businesses focus on IT transformation. From business-model innovation to reimagine consumer experiences, employee collaboration, and streamlined data management, cloud has got it all. With cloud in action, organizations can enhance and improve their operations, processes, and services to fast-track digitalization.

  • Cloud To Transform Legacy IT Infrastructure

Cloud revolutionizes old and legacy IT as it focuses on taking off the business-critical infrastructure from legacy IT to the public cloud. Cloud has become quintessential to make informed decisions and develop bridges for actionable intelligence. As a pivotal step in the transformative journey, cloud is the on-demand delivery of services such as application deployment, storage, and more. Technologies like Cloud, AI, ML, and IoT and big data have made digital transformation a new paradigm to help companies gain a competitive edge.

  • Cloud Sparks Digital Transformation Strategies

Cloud is the platform that enables Agile application development, and cloud-based infrastructure provides flexible and on-demand access to the resources. As customer needs and market demands are rapidly evolving, cloud empowers organizations to scale infrastructure to support dynamic business priorities. Modern organizations leverage cloud to develop a robust digital transformation framework as cloud fosters innovation by providing a compatible set of APIs, analytics, functional programming, etc. With the right vision, strategic planning, and execution in place, cloud can spark digitalization.

Why Does The Cloud Deserve Attention In Digital Transformation?

  • Cloud has become a strategic priority for organizations to become competitive and thriving in the digital-first world,
  • Verticals like finance, retail, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, etc., are rapidly embracing digital transformations with the help of the cloud,
  • With the “pay as you go” model, companies minimize the CapEX and complexities associated with the management of traditional IT infrastructure,
  • Industries integrate digital technologies into their business processes and operational functions to provide exceptional value.

An Ideal App Service Provider For Cloud Transformation Journey Must Deliver These:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology And Services - Manage operational risks through Agile mindset leveraging automation testing, UI and UX modernization, DevOps, APIs, and Microservices.
  • A Suite Of Modernization Services - Provide a suite of modernization services like re-platforming, re-hosting, rearchitecting, re-engineering, and interoperability of the app architecture.
  • Reliable Performance Track Record - Hold relevant work experience in cloud-based technologies, digital transformation, and automation-oriented tools to handle modernization effectively.
  • Professionally Qualified Team - Possess a team of dedicated strategy and app rationalization engineers that can effectively develop cloud-native apps and modernize legacy apps.
  • Automation Mindset And Design-Thinking - Offer cutting-edge organizational approach coupled with automation mindset, design thinking-led, containerization design, and deployment.
  • Experience With Cloud Computing Platforms - Get a collaborative experience with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to stay forefront with an innovative technical stack.

The Zymr Way - How Can We Ease Your Digital Transformation Journey?

  • Proven track record in full-stack technologies.
  • Quick turnaround time with zero latency.
  • Team of seasoned experts with an automation mindset.
  • Cutting-edge approaches backed with security measures.
  • Substantial industry exposure and domain knowledge.
  • Hands-on experience in AWS, Azure & GCP.

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