Angular 2.0 and Its Impact on the Javascript Landscape

What is Angular 2.0?

Without much argument, it can be said that AngularJS is one of the most popularly used open source Javascript frameworks when developing web applications. It is an initiative under the company, Google and places equal priority on application and application writing/coding in a very simplified development process. Angular 2.0 is the latest version of this framework and it was released at the end of 2015.

Why Angular 2.0?

Enhanced Speed and Performance: Angular 2 is much faster than Angular 1 with support for offline compilation, fast initial loads through server-side pre-rendering, snappy view transitions etc.Improved Consistency: As opposed to the different heuristic code required in Angular 1 for the different browsers, Angular 2 has parsed the template the same way for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox or even on the server in node.js. Angular 2 also works very well with ES2015 and other languages that compile to Javascript, hence, not limiting your choice of language.Reduced complexity: The syntax is very simple, expressive and easy-to-write. Structure-rich templates are also easy to read and understand at a glance.Better error detection messages: When there are errors in the code, it tells you the exact line and column they actually occur in the template.Typographical errors eliminated during development: The parser catches typos in tag names and attributes before you move on. Works more like an HTML validator built into the framework.

How to Upgrade from Angular 1.0

Angular has made the Angular 2 upgrade feasible for all developers. There are 2 ways of upgrading to Angular 2.0 to suit your app as explained below.

  • Upgrade is the process of upgrading when you already have a working app that was coded in Angular 1 and you want to start writing code in the app in Angular 2 without changing the already working Angular 1 code. You will enjoy the benefit of the improved speed in Angular 2 and API’s immediately as you replace the components one after the other with time over the course of your releasing various versions.
  • Forward is the process of writing Angular 1 applications in the syntax of Angular 2. This is necessary for apps that are very sensitive to download size as they will not want to have both Angular 1 and Angular 2 libraries running in their app simultaneously.

Angular 2.0 Pros on Javascript

The three major areas in Javascript that Angular 2.0 focuses to improve are making a framework that is mobile friendly, modern and less modular.Mobile: Angular 2.0 focuses a lot on overcoming the challenges related to mobile application development, being the performance, load time etc. They believe that facing the desktop side of the application will be an easy task once the mobile development is on track.Modular: Performance in applications will be enhanced greatly as many modules will be eliminated from Angular’s core leaving you to pick only the necessary parts you need.Modern: Angular 2.0 will eliminate many hacks and obstacles that make developing with Angular harder to develop applications for ES6 and “evergreen” modern browsers. These browsers are browsers that are automatically updated to the newest versions.

Applying Angular 2.0

The version of Angular being used was Angular 1.3 which is a very good, stable and high performance framework and is used by Google to power many applications; over 1600 apps inside of Google are speculated to be running onAngular 1. Angular 2.0 was officially announced in October 2014 at the ng conference and as outlined above, upgrading to it is really a seamless process. But what do major Javascript developers think of this upgrade?As of January 11, 2015, Angular 2, its related libraries, code snippets and examples were moved to the MIT Open Source License. These open source licenses are available to make developers feel safe working with the product by making it clear how code can be used and manipulated. This makes developers feel very confident that they can do major work with Angular 2.0 without worry.Everything you need to know about outsourcing technology developmentAccess a special Introduction Package with everything you want to know about outsourcing your technology development. How should you evaluate a partner? What components of your solution that are suitable to be handed off to a partner? These answers and more below.


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