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An aim to seek a faster time-to-market and a cross-channel mobility strategy on Android and iOS mobile platforms hold one thing in common - Hybrid Mobile Framework. The hybrid app development framework serves as the best alternative to native app development as it combines the best of both the powerful worlds, native and web applications. Choosing to go hybrid provides easy access to device data, functions well in offline medium, scales to a variety of OS and platforms and reduces the cost of development. Zymr offers a robust and reliable hybrid mobile app development services by combining the power of React Native and Xamarin to develop hybrid apps. Our service includes mobile application development from strategy to the final product, including new features, prototypes, optimization, minimum viable products, and more. Whether it’s a progressive, native, or hybrid web app, we can assist you in determining the best option for you and making sure that every aspect of your online presence is mobile-ready.

Our Services

  • Hybrid App Development 2


    We create prototypes, MVPs, and wireframes based on persona mapping and user journeys. Our team thoroughly analyzes end-users similar to the target audience for coming up with user-friendly and visually pleasing customer-centric designs, which are highly engaging, thus attracting more significant download volumes.

  • Hybrid App Development 1


    We bring the finalized designs to life with a rapid application by utilizing a single code base that is deployable across various platforms. Combining a blend of frameworks and technologies like React Native and Xamarin, we make sure that apps work seamlessly over a variety of systems and platforms including iOS and Android.

  • Hybrid App Testing Services


    We run QA checks on hybrid apps, conduct scheduled code reviews from time-to-time, build performance testing plans, check the debug issues and app performance, and tune the app for optimal results.

  • Hybrid App Development Services


    We monitor your app to ensure the best performance during peak load times. We reduce the app downtime and increase the app availability to end users with our effective monitoring and analyzing approach. Our maintenance model assists the business to focus on core requirements without the necessity of regular application management.

Why Zymr?

  • Highly experienced Hybrid app developers who are experts in offering high-powered apps are assigned to your project.
  • Every hybrid app development task is conducted via an agile process that promotes transparency, minimizes risk, and increases velocity.
  • End-to-end hybrid app development services include consulting, product strategy, UX/UI design, app development, QA/QE testing, and technical delivery.
  • Premium maintenance and support offerings, which assist you to keep your app updated all the time.

Our Success Stories

vodafone USA
wepay Fintech Enterprise

Our Success Stories

Vodafone Groupon-like E-Commerce Marketplace
Zymr developed a full-stack high-performance marketing automation and e-commerce platform (integrating Magento with Santa Fe) with accompanying Web and Mobile apps.
Fortune-50 Financial Risk Management Platform
A shifting regulatory environment in Europe had introduced additional complexity into the client’s financial compliance roadmap. The client’s ability to continue scaling its business in digital payments to new clients in Europe was being threatened by these new regulatory challenges with the introduction of GDPR.

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