QA Assessment Services

Zymr's quality assessment services experts validate software compliance with industry standards (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, GLBA). They conduct manual code review and automated code audit to ensure quality and adherence to coding conventions, providing quick insight into code quality and standards compliance.
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Our QA Assessment Services Portfolio

Zymr QA assessment services offer tools that encompass various categories, such as test management, defect tracking , automation testing, performance testing, code review, continuous integration/continuous delivery, requirements management, and analytics and reporting You can leverage our services to streamline processes and facilitate efficient quality assurance practices.

Our QA Assessment Services

Zymr's QA Assessment Services offer code review and comprehensive quality assessment to address software security risks, evaluate software quality for purchase decisions, manage investment risks and cost, and evaluate legacy software for updates or replacement. Their expertise helps ensure functionality, security, and usability while optimizing time, budget, and ROI.

Zymr QA Assessment Offerings

The main purpose of QA assessments is to assess whether a company's or project's quality management system is functioning properly and whether it is capable of delivering products or services that meet the specified requirements and customer expectations. These assessments involve a systematic review of quality processes, procedures, documentation, and overall quality control measures. Some key aspects of Zymr’s QA assessment include: