Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services take full accountability for your software development and QA projects. Get expert assistance for efficient and reliable test management solutions

Why Managed Testing Services?

At Zymr we specialize in addressing pain points related to merging data-heavy systems while removing duplicates, outdated, or incomplete data. Our experts also help companies with designing standardized data structures, implementing data governance procedures, setting quality metrics help maintaining data quality in big data environments. We emphasize our QA automation testing and software testing expertise for root cause analysis in collaboration with IT specialists responsible for specific systems like CRM, ERP, and CMS, aiming to tackle data quality issues at their source.

Our Managed Testing Services

Our Managed Testing services cover a wide spectrum of software testing and QA Automation  needs. At Zymr, we offer functional testing, security testing, test automation, and specialized testing for SaaS solutions among other services. With our comprehensive offerings and deep industry knowledge, we help organizations to achieve high-quality software within optimal timeframes and budgets.

Managed Testing Services Benefits

Managed testing services provide a cost-effective solution by offering a dedicated team of skilled professionals in manual testing as well as QA automation. This is essential to eliminate the need for in-house hiring and training and bring expertise, experience, and industry best practices for quality-driven software development. With masterfully curated testing services, companies can also achieve

  • Better scalability to easily adjust testing resources
  • Managing the testing process
  • Planning, execution, and result analysis
  • Avanced testing tools management
  • Prioritized and ensuring defect identification and addressing
  • Comprehensive test coverage 
  • Continuous improvement
  • Optimized QA automation processes
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