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Create easy-to-use, consistent, and secure enterprise-grade APIs with superior functional capabilities.

The ever-increasing demand for dynamic applications has increased the relevance of API development. To future-proof your organization, you need a partner who can build APIs for your new software development projects and can update the legacy system to connect to the open web. Keeping security under consideration, we can assist you in adopting an API-first approach that helps you standardize the way of communication, minimize development time, and integrate third-party API platforms and systems.

Zymr develops APIs that are easy to use, secure with high functional capabilities. We help you establish a set of protocols with which you can create smarter and more functional software applications. Our custom-designed API development services fit the needs of every organization regardless of its size, scale, and niche. Our key strength lies in creating highly customized APIs for our clients to deliver the most promising API development services.

Our Services

  • API Development_API solutions

    API solutions

    Our solutions incorporate APIs development, integration, publishing, deployment, continuous maintenance; creation of API architecture, security protocols, access control dashboards, single sign-on, and caching proxies.

  • ZYMR API Development Services

    API development platform

    Whether it is a new or legacy enterprise application, create APIs for mobile, desktop, cloud apps, SOA, web sockets, operating systems, browsers, databases, firmware, and middleware.

  • ZYMR API integration

    API integration

    Deliver API integration services with Funnel, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, Azure, and get business systems, processes, and web service functionality for existing apps to sync data across applications.

  • API Development_API as a Service (APlaas)

    API as a Service (APlaas)

    Develop web APIs and APlaaS with protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, JSON, XML, XHTML, JAVA, SOAP, REST, AJAX, EDI, TCP, IP, and common web services. Deploy Docker containers, HTTP, and SOAP interfaces to execute API-based microservices.

  • API Development_API Testing Automation

    API Testing Automation

    Experience API testing platforms like Rest-Assured, Postman, and HttpMaster to conduct exploratory API tests to manage testing protocols as we inject automation in the functional, runtime, UI, load, penetration, security, and fuzz testing.

  • API Development_Implementing API services

    Implementing API services

    Configure APIs for the desktop, mobile, console and browser apps, databases, and search engines while executing internal and external APIs using exposed third-party web services while our team can assist with microservices.

Why Zymr?

  • A level-headed approach in creating enterprise-grade REST APIs that are reliable and well-documented.
  • Experience highly secure, scalable, and on-time delivery of API development services.
  • We build flexible APIs to develop unmatched compatibility with product roadmaps, and future features.
  • A team that is constantly into innovative research, complete testing, and seamless integration to deliver premier APIs services.

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