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Experience unmatched data mobility and enable collaborative patient care with our HealthTech solutions.

We provide full-stack cloud-ready solutions that address organization-wide requirements and reporting needs. We empower healthcare institutions to deliver the best possible patient care.

EHR Integration
Our Domain Expertise

We help our digital healthtech clients deliver effective and efficient services. Our teams leverage cutting-edge technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing with the latest tech stack to provide you with best-in-class solutions in the modern digital world. From high-impact healthcare strategic consulting to operational transformation, regulatory compliance, and user experience, we’ve got you covered.

Mental Health Service Orchestration

We develop smarter service orchestration solutions that comprise rules-based EHR integration snaps to facilitate rapid EHR integration. Our teams have expertise in Java, end-to-end system testing with the root EHR snap, DevOps, Microsoft Azure-based cloud deployment, .NET framework, and Angular JavaScript. We create solutions using the Agile development process in a fully integrated CI/CD environment.

EHR Connectors

We create a workflow service with UI and backend services and provide easy to use drag-and-drop workflow designers. Our teams have expertise in end-to-end system testing with the root EHR snap, pre-testing of root EHR snap, DevOps, Microsoft Azure-based cloud deployment. We develop the service orchestration solution using microservices architecture and HL7/ FHIR-HL7 compliant rules-based snaps.

Healthcare Apps

We have tech expertise in developing on-demand apps, professional healthcare apps, medical record apps, medication dosage apps, clinical apps, patients apps, and fitness apps. Our teams bring your app idea to life with an MVP. We make sure that the app is secure, scalable, and lay greater emphasis on features like tracking, scheduling, push notifications and reminders, integration with wearables, and telemedicine options.

AI-Driven Robots

We develop a smart health assistant that can give alerts and reminders, store medicines safely, re-order the medicines on its own, make you stick with medical regime, allow video calls to caregivers and relatives, convey your real-time healthcare data to your caregivers, count calories and nutritional value in food, sync with other wireless and wearables, and ensure data safety by acting as your wellness companion.

Cloud Computing
Electronic Health Records

We make sure that the patients get the right care with an EHR that considers real-time patient records, streamline data collection and maintenance, comprehensive data management, account integration and secured sharing. With years of experience in EHR web development, we ensure that the healthcare records are secured, well maintained, and readily available. Our services empower healthcare specialists to provide better patient care.


Our Expertise

Our Healthcare Solutions
Patient Apps
Patient apps for engagement with doctors and care teams.
Clinical Apps
Clinical apps that enable physicians and care teams to provide continuous care.
EHR Integration
Apps integrated with EHR of Healthcare Delivery Organizations.
Health Analytics
Healthcare data analytics and reporting for HDO and patient use.
Healthcare IoT
IoT-based apps for patients and HDOs to improve healthcare delivery.
What Our Clients Say
Rini Singh

Mozzaz has relied on Zymr to be its solid development partner for the past several years. They have helped us build our enterprise Digital Healthcare platform used by premier healthcare organizations worldwide

Rini Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Mozzaz
John Ayers

Zymr took on the challenge to rapidly implement security device models for 50+ enterprise networking products, such as Cisco, F5, Okta, Aruba, Crowdstrike, Checkpoint, etc., for our SIEM solution.

John Ayers EVP Product Management, Nuspire
Shyam Maddali

We have been working with Zymr to enhance our financial risk assessment platform for the past several years with the highest quality and agility and manage billions of dollars of payments secure from fraud.

Shyam Maddali Senior Director of Engineering, WePay/Chase
Sameer Padhye

Zymr leveraged deep competencies to build a highly scalable, cloud-native architecture for our AIOps analytics platform. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and agile product engineering.

Sameer Padhye CEO and Founder, FixStream Networks
Ameesh Divatia

Zymr worked with us to accelerate our security orchestration product development and successfully launched it on AWS. We are impressed by their commitment and on-time delivery.

Ameesh Divatia Founder/CEO, Baffle, Inc.
William Vo

Zymr helped with AWS cloud-native architecture and brought the Agile development discipline to build from concept a comprehensive FinTech solution for the US Chapter-11 Corporate Bankruptcy Management platform.

William Vo Director of Engineering, Stretto
Kamlesh Mehta

Zymr has assisted us to deliver the full power and rich analytics of Virsec directly into a customer’s preferred platform.

Kamlesh Mehta SVP Engineering, Virsec

Case Studies

Our Successes
Mozzaz Electronic Health Record Connectors
Healthcare Platform

Zymr built a service orchestration solution that easily integrated with a variety of leading EHRs and as a HIPAA-compliant cloud and mobile solution, it made patients the active participants in their long-term care.

Digital Health
Mozzaz Mental Health Service Orchestration
Healthcare Platform

Zymr built a secure HealthTech service orchestration solution for Mozzaz which enabled the integration of the client’s behavioral health application with EHR systems of major health delivery organizations in North America.

Digital Health


Our Insights
Cloud Computing in Health Care
by Zymr
09th Jan 2021

Today’s healthcare organizations are increasingly drawing towards cloud for its stunning features.

by Zymr
27th Feb 2019

Technological advents have changed the terminology of Healthcare and converted it into HealthTech.

by Zymr
18th Jan 2019

Healthcare domain is like a backbone to the economy, as everything starts and ends with health.

Why Zymr

Partner With Us

Zymr is highly skilled at full-stack product engineering of HealthTech products and solutions. We have successfully worked with innovators in HealthTech by leveraging our deep domain expertise. Experience our unparalleled services to embrace the cloud and develop new HealthTech organizational frontiers.

Domain Expertise

We securely deploy fast-performance solutions exclusively created to help you realize data, security, and mobility-related goals. Our expert teams address the transformation techniques that are future-proof, secure, and scalable and bring efficiency to your business operations.

Future-Looking Mindset

We deliver superior and secure cloud-ready healthcare solutions by considering your organization-wide requirements and business needs. Our teams help you develop resilient operations and scale computing capabilities with our future-gen HealthTech services.

Strategic Approach

We provide full-stack cloud development services and deliver state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions. Our team adheres to legal regulations, industry standards, and statutory compliances like HIPAA, HL7, and data interchange formats such as x.12 to help you stay ahead in the race.

Skilled Workforce

We have a team that delivers HealthTech cloud computing services that can change the game for patients, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders. Our core competencies are derived from our leaders who have spent their careers working in the HealthTech industry.

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