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Healthcare Is Changing Rapidly

The healthcare industry landscape continues to change rapidly. Government incentives and regulations have accelerated the adoption of electronic health records in developed countries globally. The U.S. healthcare industry is gradually accepting the transition to a population health management and value-based care delivery approach. Innovations have improved diagnostics, information capture and storage, and outcomes for the best possible patient care. Such rapid changes have led to a gap in integrating digitized records, new tools, and techniques with flexible software that meets the highest security requirements of healthcare. Additionally, healthcare organizations are increasingly focusing on reliable and effective patient care, compliance and adherence to legislations, data privacy and payment processes to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Compliance requirements, care costs and an increase in data security and patient data privacy issues pose emerging risks and new issues for healthcare organizations.

The Zymr Advantage

Zymr, Inc. is a market leading cloud technology solutions company with a focus on full-stack cloud product development for the healthcare industry. Zymr has developed more than 50 products for North American and European clients. With substantial awareness in standards and compliances such as HIPAA, HL7,

and data interchange formats such as x.12, Zymr is well equipped to deliver cloud-ready healthcare solutions that can address organization wide requirements and reporting needs, allowing healthcare institutions to focus on what they do best – deliver the best possible patient care.

Zymr Healthcare Solutions

Zymr has delivered solutions serving the following needs in Healthcare

Patient Apps

Patient-centric apps have become commonplace in most Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO). These web and mobile apps integrate securely with HDOs’ backend systems, like EHR systems, and the ecosystems of care providers.


  • Patient access to medical records
  • Patient tracking of behavioral health
  • Patient tracking of medicine intake
  • Patient access to doctors (telemed)
  • Patient access to nurses (telemed)
  • Patient access to health reports
  • Patient appointment scheduling apps

Clinical Apps

Clinical apps need to continuously evolve, developing richer functionalities and leveraging cloud infrastructure better for greater efficiency. Security and compliance, such as HIPAA, is critical to opening these apps for wider integration with healthcare IT ecosystems.


  • Clinical access for patient records
  • Clinical tracking of behavioral health
  • Clinical tracking of medicine intake
  • Physician access to patients (telemed)
  • Nurse access to patients (telemed)
  • Doctor access to health reports
  • DNA based disease management

EHR Integration

Integrating new apps with HDO EHR/EMR systems is the only way to accrue value to the healthcare providers. HL7 and HL7-FHIR frameworks are used to securely exchange Clinical, Identification, and Billing resources between EHR and the new apps.


  • Healthcare Service Orchestration
  • Patient onboarding on EHR systems
  • Patient tracking using EHR systems
  • FHIR clinical resource integration
  • FHIR billing resource integration
  • Legacy EMR Integration
  • Epic, MEDITECH, CoCENTRIX, Practice Fusion and others

Health Analytics

It is important to analyze healthcare data in order to improve healthcare outcomes. HDO administrators use advanced reports to improve care delivery, support scientific studies, etc. Patients use personalized health reports to stay engaged in their care.


  • Big data analysis of healthcare data
  • Reporting service separated by HDO
  • Scheded patient reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Medical error reports
  • Cost-benefit reports
  • Security of EHR

Healthcare IoT

The use of IoT in Healthcare has already started from the consumer end, with the ubiquitous use of fitness tracking and home health-kits. IoT is also making hospitals and medical equipment smarter, and more connected with Healthcare IT systems for optimum use.


  • Patient IoT-based monitoring systems
  • Patient IoT-based medicine tracking
  • Patient IoT-based fall detection apps
  • Hospital IoT-based equipment tracking
  • Hospital IoT-based environmental apps
  • Hospital IoT-based lab maintenance
  • Clinical IoT-based care automation tools

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Healthcare Service Orchestration

One of the biggest challenges in the area of digital health innovation is building state-of-the-art apps that can coexist with legacy EHR/EMR systems. Integrating new apps with HDO EHR/EMR systems is the only way to provide the benefits of a truly connected system to both patients and healthcare providers. Integration endeavors usually require the use of HL7 and HL7-FHIR frameworks to securely exchange Clinical, Identification, and Billing resources between the EHR and the new apps. Zymr developed an open service orchestration solution, built on top of a client’s cloud solution, to integrate with multiple EHR systems. Using its SantaFe microservices cloud framework, Zymr developed rules-based HL7 and HL7-FHIR integration snaps that connected with CoCENTRIX, MEDITECH, Practice Fusion and others.

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Healthcare Cloud Stack

It is vital to integrate new HealthTech innovations with legacy health care systems seamlessly. For example, binding new health apps with legacy Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems used by hospitals is an important step. Zymr recommends a closer look at the modern cloud stack – an open software architecture – that will assure you of agility in delivering an integrated health technology solution while maintaining high security, scalability, availability and ecosystem connectivity. Patient-centric mobile apps, care-team portals, integrated machines, billing systems, etc.can together deliver quality and improved care while lowering costs.

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