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As your trusted partner, Zymr leverages serverless, microservices, and containers to develop quality-rich cloud-native apps with Google Cloud.

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Google Cloud Consulting

Minimize costs, get tailored solutions in-line with your business needs, state-of-the-art security, live migration of virtual machines, and better control over the execution with our GCP cloud services. Our consulting services provide you a secure path to cloud transformation. We have a team of highly qualified experts who offer end-to-end cloud-native services.

  • Microservices, Kubernetes, APIs.
  • Google Compute Engine for IaaS.
  • App Engine for PaaS.
  • Cloud Storage and Container Engine.
Google Cloud App Development

Leverage our expertise from a gamut of app development services like custom solutions development, full-scale execution, continuous support and maintenance, multi-system, and application integrations. We combine Agile methodologies with our expertise in analytics and DevSecOps with Google’s future-gen cloud products to expedite your business growth.

  • App development and integration services.
  • Anycast DNS servers.
  • Direct network interconnections.
  • Load balancing, monitoring, and logging services.
Google Cloud Migration

Migrate your legacy, open technology, proprietary, and commercial software stacks to the Google cloud with our real-time services that give updates on data transferred into databases running on the GCP. Our cutting-edge tools, and approach accelerate your migration process by providing automated custom-built cloud solutions to match industrial workloads.

  • OpenShift, Microservices, Kubernetes, and APIs.
  • DevSecOps.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases.
  • Google cloud storage and Google BigQuery.
Google Cloud End To End Integration

Experience end-to-end services that include high-performance integration for Google BigQuery, manage data in Google cloud storage, use Google Cloud Spanner, and integrate Cloud SQL database services. We have expertise in app development, integration services, anycast DNS servers, direct network interconnections, load balancing, monitoring, and logging services.

  • Google Cloud Storage buckets.
  • Tools like GitLab, Jenkins, Terraform, Datadog, Prometheus.
  • Built-in CI/CD integration.
  • Cloud-Native Continuous Integration tools.
Google cloud deployment

Get acquainted with complex configurations and custom development with various legacy systems like Dropbox, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Hosted Exchange, Zimbra, 0365, Groupwise, Box, and Sharepoint. Get insights from data faster with our bundle of hosted services for computation, storage, development, networking, big data, ML, and the IoT with GCP.

  • Cloud code to write, debug, deploy kubernetes apps.
  • Google kubernetes engine.
  • Cloud build.
  • Container registry and operations suite.

Why Zymr

Partner With Us

Zymr is a leading Google cloud-native development company. Build, design, and deploy cloud-native apps to get a competitive advantage and drive your business growth with us. Boost your cloud transformation journey, update legacy apps and support the modernization and migration of workloads to GCP.

GCP Technical Know-How

Our seamless API integration boosts the user experience for business users and partners. We create APIs to cover legacy apps and mainframe solutions for migration to hybrid cloud or cloud-native environments. Accelerate your journey to cloud-native with us.

Domain Knowledge

We expedite your time-to-market by moving to a cloud-native architecture, achieve organizational agility, and ensure cloud-native adoption with the right DevOps tools and processes. We rapidly create MVP with future-oriented tools and techniques. Experience our Agile app development to make the most out of the cloud environment.

Skilled Cloud-Native Teams

A highly skilled team that can help you maximize your ROI of cloud investments. We are proficient at delivering optimized API integration, business velocity, performance, and developing cloud-native apps using open standards for interoperability. Our advanced automation and cognitive analytics facilitate continuous monitoring.

Forward-Looking Approach

We offer future-proof, scalable, and secured services for all your cloud-related needs. Our team helps you with end-to-end advisory, business cases, and a detailed road map to navigate your journey. We Integrate third-party tools and configurable migration toolchains and use Microservices-based architecture to design cloud-native apps.

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Fortune-50 Financial Risk Management Platform

Zymr helped the Fortune-50 client to adopt a higher velocity, increase release cycle time, meet the regulatory challenges presented by the European market, and sell their unique value proposition to valuable new e-commerce clients.

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