Cisco Unified Datacenter Manager

Business Value

Zymr developed a CloudTech unified management and orchestration solution for Cisco’s cloud infrastructure, thus accelerating the adoption of their new UCS datacenter mangement and orchestration CloudTech products among Fortune 50 early-adopter customers.

Solution Map

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  • Domains

    • Applications

    • Security

    • Infrastructure

    • Orchestration

    • Mobility

    • Analytics/AI

  • Practices

    • Development

    • Cloud Operations

    • Quality Engineering

    • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Delivery

    • UX / UI

System Architecture

Cisco Architecture Diagram

Software Implementation

Zymr implemented Cisco’s Datacenter Manager by leveraging its proprietary, pre-built, SantaFe cloud framework (see System Architecture diagram for details).
Zymr developed key microservices, a CMDB database and snaps to connect to various datacenter systems including Cisco UCS, VMware and others. Features implemented included CMDB ontology, Auto-discovery of IT, non-IT, VMs and application workloads, FCAPS, Policy Management, RBAC, logging and reporting.
Working with our in-house UX design studio, we built a modern and responsive enterprise UI for Cisco’s Datacenter Manager using JavaScript frameworks. UI features included customizable dashboards, Rack View, Front-Panel view for Cisco UCS, geolocation maps, drag-and-drop policy designers, reporting and administrative features.


Zymr followed all of Cisco’s requirements, and built a comprehensive Datacenter Manager to supplement Cisco’s own UCS Manager. The Datacenter Manager was well received by Cisco, and was showcased to Cisco’s top tier enterprise clients as a value-added software product.

Implementation ToolBox

  • Frontend
    • HTML5 Logo1 HTML
    • javascript1 JavaScript
    • jquery1 jQuery
    • gwt1 GWT
  • Backend
    • ZYMR java Services Java
    • mysql1 MySQL DB
    • jboss1 Logo Jboss
    • jbpm2 jBPM
    • SanteFe-new SantaFe
  • Resource
    • logo-cisco Cisco
    • netapp1 NetApp
    • emc_logo-new EMC
    • vmware1 21 VMware
    • APC Logo APC
  • Process
    • rally1 Logo Rally
    • jenkins1 Jenkins
    • maven1 Maven
    • balsamiq-new Balsamiq
    • adobe-cc-tools1 Adobe CC
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