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Dynamic frontend architecture customized for your business needs to deliver exquisite user experiences.
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Our Frontend Competencies

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We help you build cutting-edge solutions spanning core JavaScript programming and frameworks to take your business forward.

Mobile Apps

We have a team of mobile app experts who bring a blend of modern tech stack with domain expertise and technical know-how to the table.

Frontend Architecture and Design

We facilitate a business-efficient Frontend development to offer impeccable user experience and sustainable service performance quality.

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Privileged To Serve

We offer architecture expertise that will serve you well with proven design patterns and processes for each unique solution.

Enterprise Architects

We help you develop a pragmatic digital platform engineering roadmap. Our enterprise architects aim to thoroughly align the architecture strategies with our client's tactical goals while injecting a bottom-up innovation into their products.

Digital Businesses

Industry Experience

We define our platform architectures by industry-specific domain expertise. Our architects ensure that the architectures align with clients' industrial ontology, protocols, workflows, and compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC-2, GDPR, etc.

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SME Pooling

Trust our intellectuals to leverage any unique client project with extensive subject-matter expertise. We empower our product engineering teams with architectural decisions, from choosing databases to design patterns, security, testing, and automation.

To Serve - Global Enterprises

Strategic Value Add

We continue to document and refine our learnings from various projects in the Books of Knowledge (BoKs). These BoKs enable our teams lay the proper architectural foundation that becomes vital for strategic advantages over a long period of time.

Featured Insights

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Understanding Multi-Tenancy: Core Logic and High-Level Code with Django

Multi-tenant applications are crucial for efficiently serving multiple clients from a single shared instance, offering cost savings, scalability, and simplified maintenance. Such applications can allow hospitals and clinics to manage patient records securely, can enable financial institutions to provide personalized banking services, and can help streamline inventory management and customer relationship management across multiple stores. The primary functionality of multi-tenant applications resides in their capacity to serve numerous clients through a single installation of the application. In this architecture, each client, referred to as a tenant, maintains complete data isolation, ensuring data privacy and security.

There are multiple third-party libraries available to implement multi-tenancy in Django. However, custom implementations of multi-tenancy can allow developers to innovate and tailor solutions according to unique business needs and use cases. Therefore, in this blog we will show the core logic with a high-level code of how multi-tenancy is implemented using Django.

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Case Study

Retail POS IoT Platform Engineering

Elo specializes in android-based touchscreen displays, POS systems, monitors, and mobility solutions, boasting a global presence with 30+ million installed touchscreens, making them a leading provider in the industry.

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Revamp Your Ui/UX for Customer-Centric and Accessible Design

Businesses are continuously seeking ways to improve their digital offerings through progressive disclosure, micro-interactions, emotional design, and conversational interfaces. Thus, refreshing the UI/UX feels like a logical step in the process. Decision-makers across industries are brainstorming over UI/UX strategies that would help simplify user experiences, ensure frictionless user journeys and make designs more role-specific.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore how aesthetic simplicity, data-driven UX and mobile optimization can enhance the appeal and relevance of your digital offerings. It is important to shape our efforts to ensure an informed and seamless user journey. Therefore in this webinar, we will discuss how companies can rethink their UI/UX to leverage user data, foster interconnectivity, and meet users where they are instead of forcing them into specific devices and ecosystems.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the importance of interconnected products and services and gain insights into breaking down silos for frictionless, cross-domain user experiences.
  • Learn how simplifying your UI/UX design can lead to more user-friendly and intuitive digital experiences
  • Uncover the role of data in optimizing user experiences and learn how to use data-driven insights
  • Understand how tailoring products to different user roles and unique needs can result in more engaged and satisfied users.
  • Get practical tips for optimizing your digital presence for mobile users, ensuring your audience has a seamless experience on all devices.
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