Retail Supply Chain Platform Engineering

The Client

The client is one of the largest value-added distributor in the world in our market sectors. They are known for solutions that reliably source, consolidate and deliver retail items providing both efficiency and value-added benefits.

Key Outcomes

Collaborated with the client to build a solution that would provide a seamless integration platform connecting heterogeneous retail ecosystems
Robust set of APIs, model-driven integrations, and automated business process management capabilities

Business Challenges

The client sought our expertise to develop a cutting-edge enterprise integration middleware platform linking numerous retail clients and vendors. Additionally, they aimed to create a data lake infused with AI/ML capabilities. Their goal is to enhance operational efficiency by modernizing their enterprise architecture through an API-first middleware platform, enabling seamless connection between diverse data sources and automated business management workflows.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Zymr's experts helped the client build an innovative solution for supply chain management. The modern enterprise supply-chain integration could seamlessly connect multiple ERPs, PIM, E-COM, WMS, and more, streamlining operations. Automated testing and CI/CD DevOps, enhanced efficiency, bolstered by robust security and proactive production support. The system now helps the client automate workflows between internal systems, vendors, and suppliers, significantly improving overall business productivity and reliability.

Strategy and Solutions

Zymr played a pivotal role in helping the client develop the innovative solution. We initiated the project by crafting a comprehensive enterprise architecture and roadmap. Working closely with the client, we cohesively designed a modern, Azure cloud-native middleware. Our iterative process incorporated intricate business requirements, culminating in the development of a microservices-based, Azure-native middleware. This powerful platform boasts a rich array of APIs, model-driven integrations, and automated business process management enhanced by advanced analytics. Furthermore, we leveraged Azure Databricks for a modern data pipeline and AI/ML analysis and reporting. The collaboration resulted in a transformative solution that seamlessly connects heterogeneous retail ecosystems and provides tangible business impact.

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