Enterprise POS IOT Platform Engineering

The Client

Volante creates POS solutions designed explicitly for comprehensive and scalable enterprise systems. The company specializes in POS for enterprises, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and corporate cafeterias.

Key Outcomes

Zymr successfully spearheaded the modernization of Volante's POS SaaS platform
We achieved a harmonized integration of existing Java and Node.js microservices with new components.

Business Challenges

The client faced critical roadblocks in modernizing their legacy SaaS platform for the food industry. They needed expertise in GCP cloud-native for the enterprise POS solution to integrate client feedback and competitive features. The urgency to stay ahead in the market and meet evolving industry standards drove them to seek Zymr's expertise in addressing this complex transformation.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

We helped the client modernize their POS SaaS by implementing multi-tenancy and robust RBAC/SSO support, enhancing security and scalability. The development of innovative metadata-driven POS configuration features allowed for unparalleled customization. Seamless API-based integration with legacy services ensured a smooth transition. Furthermore, our expertise in Angular enabled the creation of a modern and intuitive admin UX/UI, elevating user experience and facilitating efficient management. Together, these advancements positioned the client at the forefront of the industry, fostering agility, security, and a competitive edge.

Strategy and Solutions

We helped Volante architect and implement a modernized POS SaaS ecosystem. Leveraging microservices in Java and Node.js with API-driven integration into Google Cloud, our collaboration extended to the revitalization of Volante's existing microservices. The intricate architecture successfully balanced legacy services with innovative additions, maintaining connectivity to ERP systems. Key enhancements included template-based customization, heightened security measures, revamped business workflows, and robust device monitoring via MQTT, coupled with over-the-air upgrades. Tackling the significant challenge of partitioning legacy services, Zymr facilitated a seamless blend of old and new, ensuring a harmonized, future-ready POS solution for Volante.

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