Retail POS IoT Platform Engineering

The Client

Elo specializes in android-based touchscreen displays, POS systems, monitors, and mobility solutions, boasting a global presence with 30+ million installed touchscreens, making them a leading provider in the industry.

Key Outcomes

We helped the client incorporate Node.js microservices architecture for seamless IoT device management and multi-tenant capabilities.
Elo could overcome the challenges in monitoring and OTA updates for millions of POS terminals per tenant.

Business Challenges

Elo faced the challenge of crafting a robust cloud-native retail commerce SaaS on AWS, geared towards overseeing their extensive global network of POS terminals. This undertaking required seamless integration with ERP ecosystems and advanced IoT lifecycle management. The goal was to enhance efficiency and connectivity, ensuring a streamlined and technologically sophisticated solution for their widespread deployment of touchscreen devices.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Zymr's collaboration with Elo yielded significant business impact by enabling the development of a cloud-native SaaS commerce platform with multi-tenancy and robust security features. Their expertise facilitated efficient POS device management through OTA updates and Android APL delivery, ensuring high reliability at 99.995%. The implementation of a 24*7 CloudOps SRE further enhanced global POS deployment. Zymr successfully integrated the system with diverse ecosystems, including ERP, analytics, and monitoring tools, elevating Elo's operational capabilities.

Strategy and Solutions

Zymr's strategy for Elo involved developing a cloud-native retail commerce and POS solution with a focus on extreme reliability and scalability. Utilizing Node.js microservices architecture, the team created a multi-tenant SaaS platform incorporating IoT device management. Working collaboratively, Zymr and Elo designed a full-featured SaaS commerce platform, integrating Node.js microservices, React UIX/UI for the admin console, and supporting onboarding, provisioning, and OTA updates for Android-based POS systems. The architecture prioritized 99.995% POS system availability, robust security, and configurability to meet the needs of the world's largest retailers, overcoming challenges in high-scale monitoring and OTA for millions of POS terminals per tenant.

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