E-Commerce Marketplace for Edge Computing

The Client

WaveXchange excels in crafting an Edge Computing marketplace, catering to North American enterprises with compute and networking resources. It enables self-provisioning of optical networking and compute, empowering clients.

Key Outcomes

Successful launch and operation of the WaveXchange marketplace on AWS, a modern eCommerce platform
Streamlined user experience achieved through iterative design, enhancing interaction and engagement for buyers and sellers on the platform.

Business Challenges

The client observed that in the realm of IoT-driven solutions, the significance of edge computing within the enterprise computing value chain cannot be overstated. The surplus networking, storage, and compute bandwidth of service providers necessitate the implementation of an e-commerce marketplace solution to harness these resources effectively.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

WaveXchange has successfully established a cutting-edge eCommerce marketplace tailored for the realm of edge computing. The platform boasts a responsive user experience, streamlining the listing of new inventory on the market. Remarkably, it achieved the remarkable feat of processing the first $1 million in commerce within just three months of its launch. The integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), automated marketing campaigns, seamless mobile payment options, and other advanced features further underscores WaveXchange's commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Strategy and Solutions

Zymr demonstrated their prowess by crafting a comprehensive, modern WaveXchange marketplace hosted on AWS. The platform featured a seamlessly integrated payment gateway, facilitating smooth commerce interactions between buyers and sellers. Zymr adopted an iterative approach to user experience design, ensuring effortless engagement. They also implemented an ingenious mechanism for auto-provisioning bandwidth and edge computing resources via IoT API invocations. The project's success was further bolstered by an automated CI/CD and test automation pipeline, leading to a successful launch on AWS. Zymr played a pivotal role in shaping the cloud-native architecture, offering scalable technology stack recommendations. Their counsel included leveraging Node.js on AWS, complemented by a React UI for optimal results.

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