Agile Mobile Test Automation 1

Business Value

Zymr developed a QE Automation and performance testing framework for CipherCloud’s CloudTech security platform for Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 suites.

Solution Map

  • Verticals

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  • Domains

    • Applications

    • Security

    • Infrastructure

    • Orchestration

    • Mobility

    • Analytics/AI

  • Practices

    • Development

    • Cloud Operations

    • Quality Engineering

    • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Delivery

    • UX / UI

System Architecture

Mobile Automation Android & IOS APPS

Software Implementation

Zymr developed a Jenkins and Gradle based CI automation which leveraged GitFlow source-code and branching protocol.
QE Orchestration & Automation: Zymr used a Robot test framework to orchestrate test suite execution using keywords using python scripts, and Appium v1.2 for Mobile QE Automation.
Used Selenium Webdriver for browser based test automation of Web UI.
Zymr integrated Zephyr with Jira to provide test execution pass/fail coverage reports that can be viewed in Jira.
Test Scripting: Zymr used Python 2.7, Pywin32, Node and other python based libraries for test scripting.
Used Genymotion for simulating Android app clients.
Zymr developed test reporting server under Jenkins and Robot which compiles test results into a drill-down report that can be pushed in PDF format, and also saved for further analysis.


Zymr developed a multi-platform automated UI and app testing framework for web and mobile devices that used real mobile endpoints or virtualized simulated endpoints. This framework comprised test automation suites such as Build Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Feature Testing, Performance & Scalability Testing. Zymr automated over 1,000 mobile test cases with 80% of test coverage for the client in a relatively short time.

Implementation ToolBox

  • Frontend
    • Cipher Logo Cipher cloud
    • office365 MS Office 365
    • Salesforce Logo Salesforce
    • servicenow1 Servicenow
    • box logo BOX
  • Backend
    • selenium1 Selenium
    • appium1 Appium
    • python2 quartz
    • jenkins1 Jenkins
    • ZYMR java Services Java
  • Resource
    • amazon-aws1 Amazon AWS
    • msexchange MS Exchange
    • linux1 Linux
    • activesync Activesync
    • vmware1 21 VMware
  • Process
    • jira1 Jira
    • github1 Github
    • maven1 Maven
    • jenkins1 Jenkins
    • puppet logo Puppet
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