Zymr Invests In Employee Development And Here's Why You Should Too

Learning fuels motivation. One cannot simply afford to sideline the fact that employee development initiatives as human capital is an organization's greatest asset. Even the most talented employees need adequate nurturing. The behavior of employers toward employees largely determines their loyalty toward employers.

Business leaders have realized that for their leadership to thrive in the modern era, they must prioritize employee development. Organizations that understand the need to enhance employees' learning skills for QE automation testing services, Software automation services, cloud application development etc. are considered more reputable and credible than those that don't.An employee that receives sufficient learning and development opportunities at the workplace can perform better. As a result, the better employees are treated, the more loyal they are toward the organization.  With that in mind, we have highlighted a few top reasons we believe there is a need to focus on investing in employee development.

3 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Employee Development

You know what they say — Happy Employee = Dedicated Employee.

To retain and engage the talented employees

A critical employee development program matters when attracting the best employees as employee retention has been a significant challenge lately. A company gets a sharp competitive advantage and witnesses lower staff turnovers if employee development initiatives are given priority in an organization. Training and development, educational conferences, and allowances toward growth make employees feel valued and enhance the employer's reputation among the minds of employees. Those learning opportunities ensure that employees stay ahead of the curve. This knowledge is going to stay with them wherever they go.

Deloitte provides a commitment to your growth and career-long learning. It is committed to providing international work experience and the adventure and personal and growth it brings.

To create promotable employees by making them future-ready

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how critical it is to become future-ready in today’s hypercompetitive world. Upskilling and reskilling to increase the learning curve have become the most discussed buzzwords. Business leaders aim to grow the intellectual capital to build a resilient workforce. An employee development program aims to develop a pool of capable workers, make employees promotion-ready, and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. A collaborative environment within an organization encourages employees to learn from each other. If employees can see the big picture and feel that they are a part of it, they are encouraged to achieve your organization’s overarching goals.

Microsoft coaches its employees on career development through ongoing manager connections, focuses on in-the-classroom learning and sharing with learner boards, provides customized manager training to enhance coaching and mentoring skills, and more.

To capitalize on human capital as the most valuable asset

An employee who is satisfied at work is bound to perform better compared to dissatisfied ones. Dissatisfied employees are a recipe for disaster. For employees, staying relevant at work is closely intertwined with advancing in the career. A high staff turnover leads to wastage of funds that otherwise could have been used productively. Your employees are likely to stay loyal if they can learn new things that will help them excel in their careers. The importance of employee engagement shouldn’t be understated. Employees value the opportunity to know where they can feel inspired at work which indicates more business for an organization.

Accenture invests millions of dollars in its people to unleash ideas, drive innovation and develop the highly specialized skills needed to serve Accenture’s clients and communities.


Zymr's Initiatives Toward Employee Development

We understand that a curious employee needs to satisfy their knowledge and experience palette. That’s why we identify the right opportunities for our Zymrians to challenge their skill-set at every successive step. We initiated a CTO’s office program to incubate structured innovation and technical talent. Our Zymr CTO office initiative is strategically aimed to fast-track the career path of our employees. We provide a comprehensive platform for superior technical and soft skills enhancement to help employees upskill and leverage technology or industry changes. Our Zymr university makes sure that the growth of our human capital never reaches a standstill. There is so much more you can experience at Zymr.

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