Experience innovative industrial IoT-driven manufacturing automation solutions with our modern cloud stack expertise.
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our manufacturing competencies


We have the expertise in integrating the IoT device mesh into a robust cloud-native manufacturing control plane. We can integrate sensor data and other controls in a complex manufacturing pipeline into a model-driven manufacturing process.


We have developed a modern cloud-native manufacturing factory-in-a-box to introduce an RPA-driven automated manufacturing pipeline. We build a digital ecosystem for manufacturing that allows the integration of supplier logistics, design, and testing of manufactured goods.


We understand that the modern factory incorporating IoT-based innovative manufacturing technology generates lots of data. We have built robust data pipelines and data lakes that feed AI/ML-driven analysis engines for manufacturing. We tune these ML models for automating factory operations, monitoring equipment health, and more.

Partner With Us

We are a born-in-the-cloud company with a rich pedigree of cloud infrastructure and security for SaaS solutions. Over the past decade, we have been a critical part of our client's journey and have built our industry-specific domain expertise. Our clients have entrusted us with creating new digital ecosystems for new domains. We are ready to assist you as well.
We have a cluster of expertise across multiple industries, which enables us to retain top-notch experts in these domains. We have combined industry best practices of cloud-native platform engineering with our industry-specific domain expertise to modernize various industries.
We work diligently to understand the industry and gain domain-specific knowledge before starting any new initiative. Our architects develop a robust ontology - an object-oriented model abstracting the key objects, their relationships, workflows, and more. With ontology, Zymr can engineer more solutions more effectively.
We recognize that the key to strategic success in designing new software solutions is the ability to continue providing operational resilience, easy to maintain, open to making changes or updates, secure, and keep operating costs under check. Our strength is in delivering well-architected principles.
Strategic expertise
We bring domain-specific knowledge to help in compliance, data privacy, API-first platform engineering, design-thinking UX, and observability to every domain-specific digital initiative. Our senior staff can become a strategic asset to our customers as we navigate modernization challenges.

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