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Cloud app development services that take care of architecture, virtualization, and database – quickly and uniformly.

Advancements in the cloud, big data, and analytics are transforming the foundations of how we use and access information, and communicate with each other. The new wave of cloud paradigms is evolving at a fantastic speed. PaaS, open-source, and socialized information through data sprouts are driving a new generation of business models on the back of commoditized IT infrastructure. This has resulted in unprecedented changes in the IT landscape, requiring platforms and SaaS solution offerings to evolve both from a technology and outreach perspective.

With our robust technical expertise in building a flexible SaaS application, boost your chances of dominance through top-notch mobile application development services. We provide cloud-based application development services using Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Our team can help you navigate the tough challenges of developing a SaaS app. Whether it is creating a stack from scratch with open source cloud systems and languages like .NET, PHP, Java or on an existing platform as a service vendor, we are here at your service.

Our Services

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud-Enabled Application Development

    Cloud-Enabled Application Development

    Develop, re-platform, and integrate applications faster and smarter to gear up for the cloud. We provide a wide range of application development services for Startups, ISVs, and Enterprises. Our cloud experts deliver cloud-based automated services to help you achieve agility, efficiency, transparency, flexibility, speed-to-market and cost savings.

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud Migration Services

    Cloud Migration

    Experience scalability, flexibility, and computational power by migrating legacy applications to the cloud, moving your cloud application among cloud vendors or configuring a multi-provider infrastructure. We streamline the workload migration and facilitate designing, and migration to support your transformative journey right from physical servers to the cloud.

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud Native Development

    Cloud-Native Development

    Develop, design, and deploy cloud-native applications to get a competitive advantage and drive your business growth. Maximize your productivity with our Cloud-Native services that include DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers. Get an automated management experience across the Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud with our Cloud-Native services.

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud Integration

    Cloud Integration

    Accelerate your business productivity and efficiency with an entire suite of on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud integration services. Integrate processes, databases, and network resources to enable data flow and transactions across different systems while going cloud.

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud Analytics and AI

    Cloud Analytics and AI

    Experience the power of cloud analytics and AI coupled with machine learning, and big data tools for strategic decision-making to boost your cloud-transformative journey. Our analytics and AI services streamline data analysis, automate the planning & reporting mechanism, and develop machine learning models that can be deployed in cognitive applications.

  • Cloud Application Development _Cloud Security

    Cloud Security

    Leverage our expertise in data security, network security and application security to develop bespoke Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), DLP ensuring cloud security and get automated testing for compliance standards like PCI, and HIPAA. We provide enterprise-class security services to help you boost security and get an edge in the cloud environment.

Why Zymr?

  • A dedicated team of expert mobile app developers who develop nimble, robust and innovative app solutions that ensure exceptional service, avant-garde user experience, and powerful performance.
  • Leverage our proven Agile methodologies to develop a transparent mobile app and stay updated as our team will assist you to monitor every sprint, code commitments, strategies, and design concepts.
  • From ideation to launch, we make sure to transform your business ideas into a fruitful reality by building an excellent and power-packed mobile app, which suits your business needs and objectives perfectly.

Our Success Stories

alliander USA

Our Success Stories

Alliander Smart Grid Energy Share App
Zymr partnered with Alliander to deliver the first version of the client’s Smart Grid Energy Share SaaS platform. We worked diligently to integrate the live Smart Grid management system with the first few collective and member registrations.
AI, Machine-Learning and Big Data Orchestration
Bluedata achieved an agile development process, which enabled rapid testing and continuous improvement. They built a comprehensive, modern, and responsive Enterprise UI for Hadoop-as-a-Service. The solution involved leveraging common datacenter infrastructure for big data, support for the virtualization of big data infrastructure, provisions for physical clusters of servers, and to orchestrate and meter big data jobs on tenancy boundaries.

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