Four Reasons That Are Keeping You From Achieving A Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud technology has become the foundation for digital native giants like Amazon, Spotify, Uber, and Netflix to develop disruptive business models. Taking advantage of the cloud’s functionality, transparency, and agility, among other benefits, isn’t as easy as it sounds. It all boils down to how flawless the migration is. Cloud migration has become a strategic move that can make or break your cloud initiatives. Businesses that move recklessly to the cloud without considering the underlying aspects eventually have to pay the price for it. Migration is a thoughtful process that requires a detailed analysis and a comprehensive roadmap beforehand. Getting started with migration without a blueprint, deviation between business and service provider needs, inability to embrace the change, and ignoring cloud security while going cloud are the primary reasons that can hinder the migration journey. This blog will help you get down to the reasons that lead to cloud migration failures. Let’s jump right into it.

#1 Lack of strategic planning and conceptualization on cloud migration

One of the most common causes behind cloud migration failure is a lack of planning or moving the entire workload all at once. Migrations that take place without a thoroughly-researched and a clearly defined strategy are bound to fail. Analysis of the existing infrastructure is pivotal to develop an operational plan for cloud migration. Businesses need to carefully decide the cloud migration strategy among Re-Hosting, Re-Platforming, Re-Architecting, Re-Purchasing, Retiring, and Retaining. Choosing the wrong migration approach or strategy can cost millions of dollars to your business. The business needs to frame the cloud goals that need to be accomplished with migration.“A cloud migration service provider can enable a streamlined, security-rich, and cloud migration to help your business unlock new opportunities.”

#2 Discrepancies in business and cloud service provider approach

It is essential for successful cloud migration that there isn’t any mismatch between business and service providers. As every cloud vendor has different service offerings, it is crucial to select the right cloud vendors and the right cloud service offering that matches the business needs and goals. Choose the right vendor on factors like security, regulatory compliance, manageability, architecture, cost-structure, cloud Service Levels Agreements (SLAs), and container capabilities, among other criteria to make the right choice for the business.“A cloud migration service provider can help you focus on moving your business forward by simplifying the hassles of migration.”

#3 Not considering cloud migration security a priority

Businesses that fail to make cloud security a priority are doomed to fail. Sticking to the compliance regime, identifying the right tools, preparing a list of authorized personnel for accessing data, encryption during the transit, and understanding the impact on the remaining data center to protect workload during a cloud migration. Cloud security is a shared responsibility of the provider, the client, and everyone involved in the migration. The companies need to make sure they follow a robust security regime considering a good Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, encryption measures and need to pay attention to relevant cloud security solutions before going ahead with migration. “A cloud migration service provider can empower you to confidently move to the cloud keeping the security posture strong and intact.”

#4 Inability to keep pace with the rapid technological disruption

Digital transformation has become the new normal where cloud technology has played a significant role as a catalyst. Cloud brings a change in the entire organizational ecosystem. Communication among the team members and the cloud service provider is essential to make migration seamless. Simply migrating to the cloud won’t help unless the teams and management do not adequately strategize the cloud goals. Before deciding to go to the cloud, the underlying factors like teams, processes, workflows, operations have to be carefully considered to embrace the change. “A cloud migration service provider can help you simplify cloud migration complexities to help your business gain flexibility, agility, and transparency.” Partner with Zymr to experience top-notch cloud migration servicesTo make your migration a success, it is best to work with an experienced cloud consulting company that can navigate the migration process. Accelerate your journey by choosing Zymr’s top-of-the-line Cloud Migration Services to streamline the workload migration. Our cloud experts will help you define the roadmap, strategize, and execute your cloud journey. Experience cutting-edge migration services that are backed with a proven execution approach to help you gain a competitive edge in the market. From infrastructure migration to data migration, platform migration, and app migration, Zymr has got your migration journey covered. Let our team manage your cloud migration challenges so you can focus on taking your business to the next level.Contact our team today!


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