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Today, digital technologies are an inevitable facet of contemporary times to take customer experience a notch up. As quality plays a pivotal role in the digital-first world, let’s explore how Quality Assurance (QA) is quintessential to delivering digital transformation. QA is a mindset.

The pace at which organizations are furthering their technological and innovation goals is certainly unfathomable for all of us to absorb. To succeed in their digital transformation efforts, organizations consider QA as critical for strategizing business operations. QA has come a long way to become one of the biggest drivers of growth as QA transformation enables organizations to adapt to modern and disruptive technologies. Let’s check some important points related to the importance of testing in digital transformation to understand the topic better,

  • Testing is essential for realizing digital transformation as quality is the most significant attribute of an IT product. When an organization is undergoing a transformation, it focuses on upgrading its infrastructure and implementing new processes by replacing obsolete ones. Hence, the role of QA is indispensable during the transition at this point in time.
  • Continuous testing offers a feedback cycle that ensures the application features are meeting the expectations. Frequent technology releases enhance customer satisfaction. To achieve that, testing is responsible for delivering great experiences as applications or software need to be thoroughly tested to ensure they are glitch-free, functional, and secure.
  • Digital transformation success is ensured when systems, processes, software, and technologies go through a meticulous QA transformation. It is critical for organizations to realize the DevOps outcomes of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). QA experts use test automation to run quick tests for realizing DevOps and Agile goals. Along with speed, another issue that teams struggle with is getting timely and constant feedback for which QA and development teams should work in collaboration.
  • Legacy systems need to be effectively upgraded through modern technologies with mobility, analytics, cloud, etc., and on the usage of tools, processes, protocols, methodologies, etc., for the software to meet customer acceptance. Digital transformation success relies on it. Technologies like AI help IT teams in analyzing previous data patterns to understand the defects in processes which in turn accelerates the QA process and makes sure the CI/CD pipeline is flawless. AI-driven analytics help teams develop powerful software.
  • Testing teams are required to include integration tests into the app lifecycle to get cleaner products, implement universal automation throughout the value chain to manage the test execution, and handle various apps, services, and platforms to develop superior products. Organizations need to focus on mature application development practices and DevOps implementations in order to optimize performance. For that, test execution turnarounds should be faster and issues should be found quickly.
  • QA has a pivotal role to play by being a connecting link between development and operations. A well-framed QA strategy makes continuous development and continuous delivery possible. This brings a new taste to DevOps like the QAOps framework. Automation, parallel testing, scalability testing, and integration with Dev, Ops, and QA are the ways to approach QAOps implementation. QAOps improves the software delivery process, which in turn, contributes to digital transformation.
  • Advantages of DevOps enable organizations to succeed in their digital transformation efforts as DevOps harmonizes people, processes, and technologies make automation a priority, breaks down silos, brings continuous changes, and aids rapid experimentation. makes customers happier. Customer satisfaction is the end goal of DevOps too which makes it a perfect fit in the digital transformation journey by propelling those initiatives.

With these points in mind, we can understand that QA plays a critical role in determining an organization's success in digital transformation efforts. If you are someone who is looking for top-notch QA services then Zymr has got you covered.


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