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“Modern-age organizations are heavily investing in strategies that focus on digital transformation architecture to achieve the next-gen growth. No matter what goal an organization is trying to realize, it is doomed to fail if the digital transformation has not been taken under consideration.”

Corporate giants know that a robust digital transformation architecture helps companies that seek to unlock competitive advantage in the wake of rapid digital adoption. The technology sphere is evolving like never before. By integrating the technologies and processes, digital transformation architecture aims to unify the business and IT environment and improve collaboration across the entire transformative process. Digital transformation architecture injects clarity in the business plan to fuel growth.

Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Analytics, and Big Data, amongst others, are the pillars of digital transformation. It reshapes business models with cutting-edge technology solutions. Collaboration among business functions and IT is quintessential as lack of coordination can derail goals. Digital transformation architecture emphasizes every business process, technology, and challenges involved in the transformative journey. Organizations looking forward to embarking on a digital transformative journey need to focus on architecture, which is crucial in defining long-term success. Understanding digital transformation architecture empowers organizations to respond to market changes that give a competitive edge in the market at the earliest. This blog will provide you with an understanding of digital transformation architecture to fuel your efforts and skyrocket business growth. Do you know, according to IDC, the worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $2.3 trillion in 2023?

Digital transformation architecture addresses and resolves critical concerns related to data and security. It emphasizes strategies for migrating from a legacy on-premise system with monolithic to cloud with microservices. Moving from one business platform to another to achieve scalable growth requires a solid project strategy beforehand, as it could go haywire. This is where a digital transformation architecture comes into play. It enhances visibility into the systems, integrations, processes, and communication among the departments.

Role of Digital Transformation Architects

Digital transformation needs an expert who can assist the organization in reaching the transformation goals. A digital transformation architect transforms user’s requirements from planning to execution and understands the underlying roadblocks. The architects collaborate with all the stakeholders aspiring for digital transformation, build agreement, undertake technical documentation, and manage front-end wireframes to ensure every aspect is synchronized and strategized. They ensure streamlined communications and provide the best insights, and suggest best practices for a smooth transition.

Zymr Digital Transformation Services - Why Should you Partner with us?

  • Cutting-edge transformation initiatives, best-of-breed designs, and robust ideation teams that can build rapid proofs-of-concept to put the advanced architecture to test and help you create a cohesive Digital Transformation strategy.
  • Get a result-oriented delivery approach that can enhance your user experience with our design expertise, wireframes interaction, design visual, design prototyping, information architecture, taxonomy, and storyboarding user persona.
  • Deep expertise in migration and modernization, focusing primarily on rearchitecting and refactoring the apps/software that are fast-paced, evolving, and would benefit most from the cloud-native and cloud capabilities.

3 Phases of Digital Transformation - The Zymr Way!

  1. Discovery and Design Phase - We recommend best-of-breed cloud architectures to meet your business requirements. These include selecting cloud providers and services, single or multi-cloud strategy, solution architecture that uses microservices, serverless computing, security strategy, performance and reliability strategy, and operations and governance standards. Our ideation teams can build rapid proofs-of-concept to put the advanced architecture to the test.
  2. Migration and Modernization Phase - Zymr’s transformation-led cloud migration approach focuses primarily on rearchitecting and refactoring the apps/software that are fast-paced, evolving, and would benefit most from the cloud-native and cloud capabilities. Being mindful of the six Rs of cloud migration (Rehosting, Replat forming, Repurchasing, Refactoring, Retire, and Retain), we will guide on the right strategy.
  3. Prioritization and Planning Phase - Most digital transformation strategies result in a healthy backlog of projects that need to be orchestrated in the right order. These include rapid prototyping (spikes) to de-risk architecture and technologies, building storyboards and UX designs, implementing automated CI/CD pipelines, benchmarking performance, and other specialized activities. We will help define epics/user-stories, technology stack, resources, budgets, security, operations, and governance.


Elevate Digital Transformation Success With Zymr

Experience our digital transformation services to accelerate a cohesive cloud strategy that will transform your businesses. Our teams help businesses forge ahead and champion digital transformation by offering a range of advanced services. Define business cases, solution architecture, project planning, operations, and optimization with Zymr.

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