Cloud Technology As An Ally To Enterprises During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak has made every individual adjust to the new normal paradigm. The pandemic has impacted the lives of billions of people all around the world, especially the corporates, who are grappling hard to get back on track as the lockdowns and quarantines have unleashed immense disruption in the business landscape. Having said that, the tech industry has taken the responsibility where future-gen technologies play a pivotal role in keeping the businesses afloat as the waves of the crisis have hit the global market hard. As dependencies over digital infrastructure have increased during lockdowns and social distancing, cloud computing services have outshined during the pandemic. This blog will talk about how and why cloud computing has to have a part of your strategy to attain business goals.

How COVID-19 Acted as the Catalyst for Cloud Technology?

From Employees Safety to Business Communication, Continuity, and Growth.

Businesses that had shown resistance in the past or have opted for a lethargic approach towards cloud computing adoption are going to get hit the most during the crisis. Cloud has not only ensured business continuity but also enabled collaboration among the workforce with collaborative tools and maintained the security posture of the businesses to keep cyberattackers at bay. Before the novel crisis, work from home was never considered as that big a deal but today it has become a necessity, and cloud has facilitated it. Remote work has become a new workplace reality to make sure that the employees are keeping safe at their homes and at the same time are productive that ensures business continuity. Cloud-based computing (SaaS) enables the clients to easily access the software apps that run on shared computing resources that are maintained in remote-data centers through the internet. Cloud ERP helps organizations in giving seamless access to their employees to business-critical apps anywhere, anytime. Cloud data protection systems manage the ever-increasing data complexity in order to provide transparency and visibility by timely detecting anomalies and abnormalities. As a cherry on top, the cloud is extremely cost-effective as well which is the crucial factor to consider as businesses are struggling with profits in these tough times. (Read more - Cloud Initiatives That Can Help Businesses Sail Through The COVID-19 Storm)

Businesses of Every Size and Scale are Getting on the Cloud Bandwagon.

Cloud has turned up as an indispensable technology to help corporates to access critical applications, experience unmatched uptime, expedite elasticity, and get acquainted with infrastructural scalability. Video conferencing apps have replaced meeting rooms, instant messaging apps have transformed the open communication experience, data which was earlier stored in physical servers has now gone cloud. All thanks to cloud computing services and solutions that have made the lives of billions of corporate people easier with simplified backup and recovery, ability to quickly identify and act on the latest trends, and strengthening the security of big data and IT systems.From a business perspective, Enterprise cloud apps are cost-effective, simplify the work, maintain security, enhance end-users’ experiences, and boost the employees’ productivity. Some of the widely recognized applications are Slack, Zoom, JIRA, Dropbox, Clickmeeting, Zendesk, Gmail, Skype, etc. A move to cloud provides organizations access to IT services and apps from data backups. No wonder why CRN stated how Public cloud computing is ‘An Unsung Hero’ in the Coronavirus crisis in one of its blogs. Cloud is keeping everyone connected digitally through a wide variety of applications that sure have become a vital part of our lives lately.

Let’s Hear it From the Top Cloud Industry Leaders:

Amazon Web Services - AWS CEO Andy Jassy On How COVID-19 Will Change The World - ‘A lot of the things that allow us to deal with the crisis run on top of AWS,’ Jassy tells the AWS Virtual Summit 2020. Customer service and meetings may never be the same, mentioned by CRN. An AWS spokesperson shared with CRN, “We have taken measures to prepare and we are confident we will be able to meet customer demands for capacity in response to COVID-19.”Microsoft Azure - Microsoft is seeking to play a pivotal role in the "re-imagining" of society and business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday during the Build 2020 conference, mentioned by CRN. "I feel confident we'll come out of this, frankly, pretty strong," Microsoft’s Satya Nadella said. He said the company's cloud infrastructure and services have been holding up under increased demand, mentioned by Cloud Platform - Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and CFO Ruth Porat are among those calling on Google employees to mobilize during the “big moment” referring to COVID-19 outbreak, mentioned by CNBC. Thomas Kurian said in an exclusive interview with Protocol, “As the disaster unfolds, Google Cloud has been working with customers to figure out the best way to handle the new normal.”

Cloud Computing Services will be in Huge Demand in 2020 and Beyond.

“Virtual Connectivity” is the only connecting thread in our personal and professional lives as the COVID-19 is on its warpath. From remote work environments to entertainment apps, online shopping spree, real-time education, seamless secure fund management with a click, and social networking binge on social media, the cloud mechanism has played a quintessential role in our lives (especially in this time of crisis.) The necessity and importance of cloud computing services in this day and age are indisputable. Cloud was previously perceived as ‘GOOD to have’ but has now become ‘MUST to have’ to traverse grave serious pandemic situations like COVID-19. Organizations that have invested their time, efforts, and workforce to get the most out of cloud are going to become more agile and robust compared to competitors along with a strong strategic edge.

Looking Forward to Fast-tracking Your Cloud Journey?

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