Cloud Initiatives That Can Help Businesses Sail Through The COVID-19 Storm

Business visibilities are blurred due to the uncertainties around the Coronavirus outbreak. Amid this looming economic crisis, they are left with two options: DISRUPT or GET DISRUPTED. Digitalization triggered by Coronavirus has eventually become the silver lining of the outbreak that has made businesses think, act, and react digitally. From a business viewpoint, COVID-19 has triggered digital transformation due to social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdown. Businesses have fast-tracked their digital journey to stay afloat in the market. In this scenario, cloud computing has emerged as a savior and has truly stand-out by facilitating businesses to continue to work smoothly during the pandemic. Having said that, it is high time for companies that haven’t tapped the potential of the cloud yet. The consequences of the COVID-19 crisis are not going to fade away any time soon and thus, it has forced market leaders to consider the importance of the cloud. This blog will talk about how the current crisis demonstrates the pressing need for businesses to start focusing on the aspects of cloud technology.

  • The Shift in Focus from Strategy to Tactic.

Cloud, being the foundation of the new Agile business world, is the reality no one can deny. Before COVID-19, cloud migration was considered as a part of a major digital transformation strategy where businesses either entered a new market or made a transition from B2B to B2C. The pandemic has made businesses more tactical and less strategic in their migration initiatives as they are acting quickly to overcome immediate challenges. To cope with the current volatile market conditions, cloud migration can provide real benefits and flexibility that businesses need right now. Tactical moves to the cloud can empower businesses to optimize the crucial imbalances between cost and revenue.

  • Importance of Moving Back-end to the Cloud.

The COVID-19 crisis laid emphasis on using the cloud to manage the backend systems. Before the crisis hit the world, it was assumed that applications that are not designed for modernization or migration did not need the flexibility that the cloud offers hence should be kept in-house as they are. However, due to social distancing and lockdowns, it is extremely difficult for businesses that are not on the cloud, to operate seamlessly with the infrastructure that comprises physical data centers. It would be a lot safer and easier for businesses that have a set up of back end in the cloud where the cloud provider is responsible for the data center maintenance.Businesses and consumers appreciate the resiliency that has been demonstrated in recent weeks by front-end applications like Zoom, Skype and Slack, Jeff Aden told CRN, but it’s the back-end infrastructure of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud that are keeping those now-vital services running smoothly.

  • Building a Flexible Environment.

Amid the global crisis, the IT leaders are struggling with complex decisions under the volatile market conditions. Flexibility in the environment is the need of an hour as immediate actions with a proactive approach are required. Even when the pandemic ends, it’s consequences will not fade away anytime soon. As the business models are transforming, you need to get geared up for discovering innovative and out-of-the-box solutions and the cloud is the most suited platform upon which to build that foundation.Final Words - One Business Winner During Coronavirus Lockdowns: Cloud Computing!In the face of COVID-19, businesses will first ensure the safety of employees then will focus on stabilizing their businesses and take the opportunity to ensure business continuity. Cloud solutions are empowering businesses and cloud infrastructure keeps businesses afloat during the pandemic.Partner with Zymr to Experience Top-notch Cloud Migration Services.Accelerate your cloud journey by choosing Zymr’s top-of-the-line cloud migration services to streamline the workload migration. Experience our cutting-edge services ranging from infrastructure migration to data migration, platform migration, and app migration that are backed with a proven execution approach to help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Unlock value and get tangible business results to propel growth in the highly competitive digital landscape with our future-gen cloud-first solutions.To know more about cloud migration services, contact our team today!


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