Cloud Leaders Aim To Elevate Their Cloud Security Posture As Attacks Increase

Major highlights on cloud security

  • Amazon incorporated Wickr in its AWS division which offers cloud computing services.
  • After the acquisition by Google, Mandiant joined Google Cloud.
  • The acquisition of CloudKnox enabled Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers.

The global cloud computing market is expected to reach USD 791.48 billion by 2028, Digital Journal. Let that sink in. Cloud is growing exponentially. Zymr, a leading cloud security services company, has curated some of the key insights for you as security has become the topmost priority of every business entity today. When implemented right, it can guard you against security breaches and enable tangible and brilliant business outcomes. No wonder why the top cloud leaders - Amazon, Microsoft, and Google made some of the biggest technology acquisitions in recent times to solidify their cloud security vertical. Let’s unravel the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’,


Cloud leader, AWS acquired Wickr, an innovative encrypted messaging app firm that delivers secure, end-to-end encrypted, communication technology. Wickr is a security-focused communication platform primarily designed for government agencies, military, enterprises, and individuals. It is compliant with GDRP regulations, which was a massive plus. The key motivation behind this acquisition was to protect communication and safeguard information security in remote or hybrid work environments. AWS is offering Wickr services effective immediately and Wickr customers, channel, and business partners can continue to use Wickr’s services as they do today. - Amazon


Google acquired Mandiant, a veteran cybersecurity firm that delivers dynamic cyber defense solutions to empower its in-house security resources. Mandiant on having delivered industry-leading threat intelligence can bolster Google’s existing cloud security by complementing its existing strengths. With this acquisition, Google Cloud could advance its security offerings and deliver an end-to-end security operations suite to better safeguard and guide its customers in their on-premise and cloud environments. Google Cloud is deeply committed to security -- building cloud-native security into the foundation of its technology. And, Google is set to focus on the enterprise cloud with Mandiant’s acquisition.The Mandiant brand is synonymous with unmatched insights for organizations seeking to keep themselves secure in a constantly changing environment. - Google


Microsoft acquired CloudKnox Security, an identity and access management (IAM) startup firm that delivers unified privileged access and cloud entitlement management. One of the major reasons behind this acquisition was Microsoft’s deep commitment to supporting the digital transformation journey of organizations and helping them provide secure experiences. This acquisition strengthened their comprehensive approach to security. It enabled Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers with granular visibility as Microsoft heavily emphasizes providing its customers with unified privileged access management, identity governance, and entitlement management.Our acquisition of CloudKnox, like our recent acquisition announcements on RiskIQ and ReFirm Labs, shows our focus and execution in acquiring, integrating, and expanding the strongest defenses for our customers — from chip to cloud. - Microsoft

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