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We extend your core cloud security technology with our well-structured and refined security approach.

Our cloud security services and solutions can help your business to improve risk, enhance defenses, and innovate. We have worked closely with several leading companies to build cutting-edge, fit for purpose, cloud security solutions.

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Our Cloud Security Services
Cloud Security Services for Data

We help cloud security companies build solutions that secure high-velocity data through a variety of use cases including SaaS, DaaS, cloud storage, big data analytics, cloud mobility, data-at-rest, data backup, and retention. Along with this we also deal with complex data security challenges in all forms including data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-at-rest.

  • Encryption, enforcing security policies, auditing flow using DPI technologies, and automating remediation.
  • Keep a tap on data which has reached its resting place and incorporate e-discovery solutions to secure data-at-rest.
  • Establish the right way to handle sensitive data of apps that may be operating adjacent to standard data.
  • Form data-in-use policies and techniques into cloud security solutions to encrypt specific objects and attributes.
Cloud Security Services for Networks

We provide network security which includes a variety of tools at the demilitarized zone, handling VPN and branch-office accesses, deploying NGFW, Web Proxy, and other techniques. As the security services are evolving into the managed service paradigm, NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and service-chaining technologies are put more into practice. We offer a solid networking background coupled with extensive experience in the network security space.

  • Build network security solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) in real-time.
  • Support sophisticated network security services by developing effective NFV based cloud security solutions.
  • Manage real-world cybersecurity threats by graphing ATPs using graph databases like neo4j and visualization techniques like d3.js.
  • Protect against DDoS attacks using full-proof services like SaaS and network security.
Our Expertise
Data Security

We work with complex data security challenges in all forms including data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-at-rest. We have worked with cloud security companies to build solutions covering Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), DLP, advanced data encryption, e-discovery, and security compliance.

We build network security solutions to protect web traffic, email traffic, and other network flows. Our previous experience in developing cloud security solutions includes Network DLP, and cybersecurity for IoT networks that analyze network flows to identify APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).


We build robust cloud app security solutions by targeting both web and mobile security threats. Zymr has developed and tested SaaS apps that follow standards laid out by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) or OWASP. Solutions include Enterprise RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) using Enterprise LDAP/AD authentication or OpenID/oAuth2.

Why Zymr

Partner With Us

Zymr is a leading cloud security company that has an extensive experience in building security and regulatory compliance across enterprise data.

Security-First Mindset

We can help you build high-quality products that enable your sustainable successes and unlock your real business potential keeping security in place.

Agility And Transparency

We enable security capabilities and controls quickly as the project commences. Our teams keep you in loop in every successive sprint to ensure that every stakeholder is on the same page.

Strategic Solutions

We make sure that you get the most out of the cloud environment. Our focus is on penetration of security from the initial phase to develop and deliver best-in-class products.

Cloud Guardians

We have a team of expert cloud professionals who have an extensive experience in building security and regulatory compliance across enterprise data.

Case Studies

Our Successes

ColorTokens Cybersecurity Test Automation Framework

ColorTokens was pleased with the development of an extensible test automation framework. All components built for test automation leveraged curated open-source tools and libraries. Automated build, test, and deployment pipelines were set up by Zymr.

Test Automation For WiFi Cloud Orchestration

Zymr developed a reliable continuous integration, automated unit testing, automated end-to-end system QE, and automated DevOps processes to accelerate the development of carrier-grade Wi-Fi Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) CloudTech platform.

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Case Studies