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Design, create, and scale platforms solutions that foster your next breakthrough.

Businesses need a contemporary approach for building next-generation products that align with today’s shift towards digitalization demands. Explore the future-gen technologies that can develop applications, integrate with a variety of languages, and modernize the rigid legacy systems, which provide a sharp competitive advantage. Organizations strive for modern foundational capabilities to store, access, consume, and visualize data to become data-driven. These capabilities are the bedrock on which new operating models are developed for businesses to compete fiercely and enhance performance.

Zymr is a leading platform engineering services provider focusing on developing and designing stellar digital experiences for enterprise-level entities. We integrate the latest development tools, methodologies, and apply our expertise to provide outstanding platform solutions that help you deliver seamless, swift, and efficient experiences for your stakeholders. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge across a variety of technologies, platforms, systems, applications, and industry verticals. Our technology and platform engineered solutions can be interconnected to other systems or applications that ensure better analytics, reporting, and data flow. We can help you accelerate the agility, security, and operability of the cloud environment.

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Why zymr

  • A customer-focused, controlled process with the flexibility to meet dynamic needs.
  • Up to 60% reduction in non-production infrastructure.
  • Deployment of code in a fast, repeatable, and scalable manner.
  • Continuous delivery, monitoring, testing, and configuration management..

Our Success Stories

ZYMR - nimbler

Our Success Stories

Mozzaz Mental Health Service Orchestration
Zymr developed a smarter service orchestration solution that comprised rules-based EHR integration snaps to facilitate rapid EHR integration.
Uber-like Local Multimodal Transit Application
Nimbler developed an open and flexible SocialTech platform for urban commuters in the five largest metros of the United States for multi-modal, real-time, transit information.