zymr Application Modernization service offerings

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy And Consultation

For a goal-oriented modernization journey, we offer our strategic consultation and cloud capabilities to fine-tune your app portfolio. Our experts can integrate your mission-critical environments and DevOps pipeline to realize your modernization goals.

Partner with Zymr for legacy application modernization without compromising data and the performance of the IT systems for your critical business workflows. Our technical wizards will guide you throughout the journey.

  • Maximize flexibility and minimize risks associated with legacy apps.
  • Streamline the integration of new functionalities and features while managing multiple tech platforms.
  • Modernize your app portfolio to accelerate your transformation journey.
  • Experience the latest tech stack to stay at the forefront

DevOps and UI/UX Modernization

We bring automation, DevOps, and CI/CD expertise to revolutionize your existing systems and legacy apps. We ensure that the newly modified system offers seamless access to information with exquisite experiences.

Accelerate development, integration, and orchestration of digital components on the go. Zymr can help you act smarter, collaborate faster, and deliver better to amplify your performance.

Additionally, for UI/UX modernization journey, Zymr offers services that can help you enhance your business performance, boost security, and improve UX, all while lowering the operational risks.

  • Ensure that the newly modified system offers seamless access to information with exquisite experiences.
  • Act smarter, collaborate faster and deliver better to amplify your performance.
  • Embark on a UI/UX modernization  that promises enhanced business performance with appropriate security and unparalleled UX

Legacy to Cloud Migration

We enable your systems to plunge into the cloud universe by moving apps to an Agile and elastic environment. With our migration services, you can transition your data, apps, infrastructure, or APIs to make them cloud-forward. We leverage new-age technologies to ensure efficiency and business continuity. We help you overcome infrastructure redundancies by leveraging new-age technologies recommended for business continuity and efficiency.

Our hassle-free cloud migrations help you transform your entire legacy portfolios to experience rich functionality, agility, and flexibility at the speed of the cloud.

  • Experience value-driven future-gen migration solutions
  • Accelerate innovation and boost ROI by driving efficiency.
  • Get your migration requirements and existing infrastructure needs well-assessed.
  • Get tangible business results that propel business growth.