Zymr Partners with Virtuoso to Further the Quality Engineering Revolution

February 2, 2023

San Jose, CA  February 8, 2023 - Zymr Inc, a major product engineering services Company based in Silicon Valley, announced its partnership with Virtuoso, a leading provider of AI-powered automated testing. The partnership will allow Zymr to offer its global clients cutting-edge solutions for automating the testing of their digital ecosystem and applications. 

Both Zymr and Virtuoso will benefit from each other’s expertise and help organizations leverage next-gen automation to identify and fix defects faster and with less manual effort, reducing the risk of defect leakage to production and improving the end-user experience. 

Ashok Desai, Chief Business Officer, Zymr, Silicon Valley, welcomes this partnership by saying, “This strategic partnership with Virtuoso will enhance our robust quality engineering services and together we can help organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of AI to improve their software testing process while reducing their cost as compared to manual testing and significantly improving their ROI on investments made. Artificial Intelligence and cloud-native technologies are  driving digital transformation  and Zymr is excited to explore their possibilities in the light of this synergy.”

Vinod Ghorpade, Vice President Sales, Zymr, UK and Europe, adds, “There is a growing demand for cloud-based testing solutions, AI-powered testing, and DevOps practices. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for organizations to benefit from Zymr’s deep expertise in building cloud ecosystems powered by Virtuoso’s AI driven test automation platform to drive reduced testing costs, improved testing quality, and faster time-to-market”.

Andrew Doughty, Global Head of Partnerships at Virtuoso, comments, “Virtuoso’s partnership with Zymr will enable a hassle-free automation experience that focuses on improved speed and quality of software testing across the entire Software Development Life Cycle. As partners and collaborators, we are excited to drive real value and results for our customers.”

About Virtuoso,

Virtuoso was developed by a team passionate about improving the quality of codeless test automation software without slowing down the development process.

To know more, please visit https://www.virtuoso.qa/about

About Zymr, Inc.

Zymr, Inc. is a full-stack cloud software development services company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Integrating state-of-the-art software paradigms, an agile development culture, and global delivery centers, Zymr works with some of the most demanding venture-funded startups and mid-to-large enterprises to render their cloud-enabled products and services. Zymr, Inc. has effectively developed 100+ cutting-edge software products and offered services to Fortune 500 companies and genre-defining technology startups.

For more information about Zymr, please visit https://www.zymr.com/about-us or write to us at hello@zymr.com