Zymr delivers Cloud Orchestration tier for Wi-Fi Analytics startup recently acquired by HPE

November 21, 2016

Solution leverages Zymr’s deep domain knowledge in Wi-Fi networking, SDN, and big-data analytics.

Silicon Valley-based software product engineering services firm, Zymr Inc., collaborated with Khosla Ventures funded Silicon Valley startup, Rasa Networks, on developing a Wi-Fi analytics solution that helps network administrators detect and resolve performance issues before end-users even notice. Rasa Networks was recently acquired by Aruba Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Inc. to strengthen its move towards building a fully integrated cloud management platform for networks, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Wi-Fi networks are now critical infrastructure for every enterprise across industries, and productivity is hugely impacted when they don’t work well. Slow network connectivity, choppy video sharing, blind spots, high levels of latency, etc. can all compromise business performance. Given the complexities of wireless networks these days, and the increasing demands on them due to the proliferation of connected devices, it is difficult to optimize network performance for business-critical applications in real-time without access to the right kind of information. Zymr’s contributions led to the development of a cloud-based multi-tenant wireless network management and orchestration system, and the corresponding visualization tier (comprising secure admin console and mobile apps), that makes it possible to gather operational data from Wi-Fi network elements in real-time through sensors and analyze it for operational intelligence that is actionable.

“Our in-depth experience in areas like cloud infrastructure and orchestration enabled us to participate in the development of this solution right from the initial stages. The Zymr team not only worked with the client’s architects to pick the right open-source frameworks based on solution requirements, but also engaged in the rapid-prototyping of key building blocks to flesh out scalability and performance metrics prior to committing to the final architecture,” said Ashok Desai, Chief Business Officer at Zymr. “Furthermore, our expertise in building custom dashboards helped us facilitate the visual analysis of complex and dynamic data, and tailor representations towards actual use-cases,” he added.

As the cloud-managed network management market grows, with both established vendors and startups continually rolling out new features, Zymr remains equipped to help companies innovate faster and outperform competition.