Zymr CEO discusses success factors for cloud development and implementation

July 11, 2017

Silicon Valley based software engineering company, Zymr, is at the forefront of the cloud revolution. Having helped startups and Fortune 500 companies alike achieve their development objectives within challenging timelines, Zymr has built expertise in helping customers develop software strategies, and the structure required for their successful implementation. In an interview with Clutch, a leading B2B market research firm, Zymr’s Founder and CEO, Haresh Kumbhani, shed light on how the company helps customers navigate cloud ecosystems, and shared his thoughts on the cloud computing industry in general.

Cloud computing has the potential to transform IT infrastructure, but there are a number of factors at play. In the interview with Clutch, Haresh discussed how cloud development, orchestration, security, and infrastructure are important pieces of the puzzle, but above all, understanding the client’s business challenge is vital to successfully leveraging the cloud. While the impulse might be to start building a product, and then look for problems the product can solve, Zymr advises clients to think top-down, identify use cases, and build products in vertical slices. In a vertical approach, an appropriate technology stack is selected only after fully understanding unique requirements and user personas.

Additionally, Haresh shared his knowledge of the strengths and tradeoffs of platforms provided by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Zymr advises that clients wait until they know where their market and customers are going. As for costs, he added, the cloud can be expensive, and there are complex calculations involved, but it essentially has to be measured by the cost of a potential security breach. Several layers of security can be added by companies deploying services on the cloud, in terms of access privileges, data-retention policies, and so on. The same level of data security may not be achievable on a company’s own servers.

As companies move to the cloud, the process of choosing the right technology partners from the thousands of potential options often leads to analysis paralysis. Clutch’s industry coverage includes a list of cloud computing consultants, ranked according to a proprietary research methodology that takes into account market presence, clientele, detailed customer feedback, and work portfolio. Zymr has excelled in their ranking of top cloud consultants.