Zymr Accelerates Enhancement Of An Azure-based Logistics ERP System For A Fortune-500 European Event & Logistics Management Enterprise

September 30, 2020

A leading European company that serves Fortune-500 enterprise customers through digital platforms for logistics management approached Zymr for one of its most significant Microsoft ™ technology-based full-stack ERP projects.

The client’s existing event-based ERP system needed some enhancements to accommodate new features that would improve its corporate event and logistics management business. Our team accelerated the customization of their CRM applications, developed ERP systems to build out rich features, and enhanced the corporate event-management features with the ever-changing landscape of logistics, travel, and safety of convention attendees.

The Zymr team provided an end-to-end solution and was engaged in business requirements analysis, architecture design, mock-up creation, development, quality check, deployment & production support.

We leveraged our best Agile development practices for a seamless cross-border collaboration allowing the client to track the progress and day-to-day visibility of resources assigned to the project.

The services delivered by Zymr helped the client effectively manage their business workflows, customers, suppliers, quotations, sales, and internal resources. The client was impressed with the UX/UI craftsmanship, which we used for developing high-quality dashboards with open-APIs that can seamlessly integrate with industry travel and airline reservation portals.

Ashok Desai, CBO of Zymr Inc., said, “We were able to meet our client’s planned objectives on time and with a high level of quality. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in our client’s journey to improve quality-of-service in corporate event management and logistics. Zymr’s proficiency in building digital platforms and core competency in the Microsoft ™ full-stack technologies helped our client develop a high-performing digital platform to serve their Fortune-500 enterprise customers,” added Desai.

The Director of Engineering from the client’s side very much valued the work done by team Zymr and stated, “Zymr delivers very high-quality code and avoids mistakes upfront by clarifying details of our requirements before they start implementing. We enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing to do so.”