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Growing Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. Investment in FinTech around the world has increased dramatically from $930 million in 2008 to more than $12 billion by 2016. Pervasive mobile devices, tech-innovation, the emergence of the sharing economy, financial instrument complexities, heightened focus on security and transparency, and the need for advanced analytics and modeling are the key drivers for this growth. In keeping with these demands, sophisticated customers exhibit increased needs for differentiated products and services from financial institutions.

Need For Disruptive Tech Solutions

Disruptive technology solutions are being pursued by established financial enterprises,in order to better serve customers and consolidate loyalty. Application modernization is also a critical need, with a shift from legacy systems to modern and highly scalable cloud environments.

BFSI organizations are today facing a heightened need for solution and service ubiquity, increased focus on compliance adherence and regulatory scrutiny, improving margins, and increasingly complex requirements that stem from heightened customer expectations.

Building A Competitive Advantage with Zymr

Zymr partners with disruptive technology startups, FinTech product companies and mid-to-large financial services organizations to help them surpass end-customer expectations and deliver competitive advantages. Zymr’s solutions for FinTech aim at scaling technology and business operations across locations and company departments, improving profitability, enhancing customer experiences, improving security, while maintaining focus on regulatory compliances, and quickly building out value added services and products.

Our Expertise

Zymr delivers game changing solutions to FinTech challenges through appropriate analysis and research, solution definition, and rapid, agile prototyping of MVPs to serve as the first step in product engineering. Zymr offers customers its proven expertise in Cloud, Mobile, Open Source and Testing to deliver best-fit, whole product solutions to its financial services customers.

Examples of Our Work

  • FinTech

    Group Mobile Digital-Commerce Solution

    Context: A major European multinational telecommunications conglomerate was seeking to monetize and enhance subscriber loyalty.

    Solution: Zymr helped them develop a new Groupon-like digital commerce experience in order to increase the stickiness of their customer base.

    Value: The company was able to add a new stream of revenue, increase their marketplace competitiveness, and attract 100,000+ new subscribers in the initial European country rolled out.

  • FinTech

    Digital Payments Risk Management Platform

    Context: A Fortune-50 FinTech client, which processes millions of B2B transactions per month, needed to upgrade their legacy compliance platform to scale their business.

    Solution: Zymr helped them build a next-generation cloud-native microservices platform enhanced by machine-learning and rules-based analysis.

    Value: The client was able to scale their risk operations to handle tens of billions of dollars of digital commerce transactions annually.

Our Domain Expertise

California based,​ ​ Zymr, Inc., believes in leveraging its significant technology domain expertise to build cutting-edge cloud technology solutions for IT, Social, HealthCare, and FinTech markets. Our software development services produce solutions customized to your exact requirements.

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    Cloud Applications

    Cloud Enterprise & Social SaaS Apps - XaaS, Big Data, Social, Dashboards, IoT, E-commerce

  • award-symbol

    Cloud Security

    Cloud InfoSec and Cyber Security - DLP, Encryption, Data-in-motion, Data-at-rest, Data-in-use

  • square-box-symbol

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure - Wi-Fi, SDN, SD-WAN, Network, Compute, Storage, Virtualization, Power

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    Cloud Orchestration

    Cloud Orchestration and Management - SaaS, Network, Storage, Security, IoT, DCIM, ITSM, NMS

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    Cloud Mobility

    Cloud Enterprise & Social Mobility Apps - JavaScript Web UI, native iOS and native Android apps

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    Cloud Analytics/AI

    Cloud Analytics using private cloud, AWS, Azure, or GCE. Experts at Spark, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Storm, Samza, Java, Python, C#

Our Technology Practices

Our agile technology and cloud consulting practitioners use full-stack and open-source development skills to deliver your concepts to the cloud.

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    Full-Stack Developers - Web, UI, Mobile Apps - Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, NoSQL, xUnit, Karma.JS
  • practices cloud operations

    Cloud Operations

    Supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace. Performs Managed Microservices, Docker Swarms, Kubernetes, Workload Management across all Clouds and Cross-Platform Automation.
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    Quality Engineering

    QE Tester - Automated testing - mock, functional, performance, scalability - Selenium, Robot, Appium
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    Continuous Integration

    CI DevOps - Automated builds - integrated code-analysis and code-review - Jenkins, FindBugs
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    Continuous Delivery

    CD Continuous Delivery - Automate cloud delivery - AWS, Azure, GCE, OpenStack - Docker, Chef, Puppet, Python
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    UX / UI

    UX Designers - Ontology, Wireframes, Interactions, Visual Designs, Usability - Balsamiq, Axure, InVision

Featured Case Study

Cisco Datacenter manager solutions USA
cloud security companies

Unified Datacenter Management

With the advent of unified fabric-based datacenters, like Cisco’s UCS system, the key challenge lies in unifying the management of compute, network, storage, and virtualization into one platform. How can the management of all resource tiers in a datacenter be converged, such that silos are eliminated, and operational simplicity and elasticity is achieved? Is it possible to integrate non-IT data center resources like heating, cooling and power distribution to identify optimum use of energy?

IoT & Enterprise Cybersecurity

Traditional enterprise and industrial IoT network security solutions are heavily reliant on outmoded technologies that fail against advanced threats that utilize multiple attack vectors. As pure prevention becomes an unviable strategy, enterprises are shifting focus towards building rapid threat detection and response capabilities. How can previously undetected threats be swiftly discovered and escalated to relevant personnel for response?

“Smartsourcing” an agile development
partner can be a strategic business advantage

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