Social Impact Management Service

The Client

SoPact has a strong foothold in Social Impact Management services with a mission to enable all initiatives, organizations to assess their environmental and human impact for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Key Outcomes

Developed SoPact's Impact Cloud with API-driven digital ecosystem integrations.
Developed SoPact's first 50 ecosystem app connectors for impact analysis.

Business Challenges

SoPact had minimum development skills at the start of this venture and wanted an early-mover advantage in this emerging social impact field. They were looking to provide accurate and real-time social impact to the NGOs/Foundations and integrate data sources into a meaningful analytics platform.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Zymr helped SoPact by opening the doors to Fortune-500 U.S. and European company foundations. It was able to create an early-mover advantage with rich analytics and reporting platform.

Strategy and Solutions

We developed several versions of Impact Cloud with a plethora of new features and an outstanding UI. Our team effectively deployed the platform on Heroku and customer premises

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