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The Client

In 1998 in Santa Monica, California, BeachBody LLC is a privately-held American multi-level marketing company that uses direct response infomercials, e-commerce, and individual sales consultants to sell home-exercise videos and dietary supplements and provides on-demand workout videos.

Key Outcomes

Modernized Beachbody's legacy MCT monolithic platform via 500+ AWS Lambda services.
Scaled Beachbody BOD platform to support 2+ million concurrent users with DevOps optimization.

Business Challenges

The Beachbody team had a traditional product known as MCT, i.e., Mobile Challenge Tracker API, with limited APIs and functionalities in place. They wanted to create APIs as AWS Lambda services and implement it. BOD Groups API, i.e., BeachBody On Demand Groups API project, majorly consists of the below-mentioned problem statements To develop 300+ MCT API projects as AWS Lambda services and implement them. To prepare a serverless application to run code without provisioning or managing the server. Accelerate DB Migration from AWS Aurora to AWS DynamoDB.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Zymr used CI/CD pipeline, GitHub, Travis for CI, Harness for CD. We implemented a Dynamo Import utility which was a python based utility. In this, we first beautified the seed data JSON file into DynamoDB compatible data and then ran the python script for importing the seed data into the AWS DynamoDB table. Zymr helped them develop a serverless application to run the code without provisioning or managing servers and migrate the whole application from traditional MCT API to BOD (BeachBody on Demand) groups API.

Strategy and Solutions

We were called upon by this top-tier venture-funded Silicon Valley MCT, i.e., Mobile Challenge Tracker API, a traditional product already developed by the BeachBody team. Zymr got an opportunity to work on the Groups API project in which we had to create all-new APIs and migrate the whole application from MCT API to BOD Groups API. Our teams leveraged full-stack product engineering, multi-cloud, cloud-native application, security orchestration, SecOps admin console, mobile apps augmented analysis, reporting quality automation, CI/CD automation.Our team completed the project's overall scope, and BeachBody released it by migrating the older MCT API application into the BOD Groups API application. This was a production go live release, and the customers have started using the new application. We managed to implement the whole architecture from a no-prod account to a prod account, and we are good to go.

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