Integration Hub Platform Engineering for RetailTech

The Client

As the world's foremost value-added distributor in our sectors, the client expertly sources, consolidates, and delivers items through tailored solutions, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and value-added advantages.

Key Outcomes

Built a modern Azure cloud-native middleware leveraging an experimental Smart Connector MVP
Robust set of APIs, model-driven integrations, and automated business process management capabilities, all backed by sophisticated analytics functionality

Business Challenges

With a vision to enhance operational efficiency, the client was planning to modernize its enterprise architecture. This entails the creation of an API-first middleware platform, seamlessly integrating diverse data sources and automating intricate business management workflows. This strategic endeavor reflects the client's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for streamlined and agile operations.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

A swift Smart Connector Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was prototyped to seamlessly integrate with MediusFlow. Our team meticulously designed and developed the solution, a sophisticated architecture facilitating seamless integration across diverse platforms including ERPs, PIM, E-COM, and WMS. Our implementation includes Automated Testing and CI/CD DevOps, ensuring optimal efficiency and security. This comprehensive solution automates intricate business workflows, fostering seamless collaboration between internal systems, vendors, and suppliers. Our steadfast commitment to production support guarantees a robust and uninterrupted operational ecosystem.

Strategy and Solutions

The client's strategic foresight led to the creation of a comprehensive enterprise architecture and roadmap, which paved the way for a collaborative effort with Zymr to materialize a cutting-edge Azure cloud-native middleware. This dynamic platform harnessed an innovative Smart Connector MVP, crafted by Zymr utilizing MediusFlow, effectively automating Accounts Payable (AP) business workflows. The solution emerged as an advanced API-first solution, seamlessly knitting together disparate systems. The solution stands as a testament to microservices excellence, an Azure-native middleware boasting an impressive array of APIs, model-driven integrations, and automated business process management capabilities, all enriched by robust analytics functionality. This transformative collaboration underscores the client's commitment to technological innovation and streamlined operational efficiency.

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