Cloud-Native Social Network Platform

The Client

Netsurion is a network solution company offering key services like branch network management, managed security services, and cybersecurity for MSPs. It provides comprehensive network security, threat management, and compliance support, all in one.

Key Outcomes

Modernized NetSurion's AWS-native XDR platform for managing clients and routers.
Enhanced NetSurion's XDR solution by developing ecosystem connectors with various SIEM platforms.

Business Challenges

Our client had an existing “Netsurion BranchSDO” product - a fully integrated SD-WAN appliance coupled with next-gen security, cellular, Wi-Fi, and PCI DSS compliance readiness with flexible co-management service options. Zymr got an opportunity to work on the DevOps and ITOps scope. It was a collaboration in which we managed to support DevOps and overall lab setup for running QE Automation executions.

Business Impacts / Key Results Achieved

Zymr managed the Setup Lab Infrastructure using CXDs Raspberry Pi’s and automated the CI/CD process using the Jenkins pipeline. For the CI/CD pipeline, we used GitLab, Nexus, Sonarqube, and Jenkins for CI and CD. We have implemented Jenkins pipeline, which performs end-to-end CI/CD including checkout of source code, building source code, creating artifacts, pushing artifacts to the artifactory management system, connecting to the deployment server, deploying the artifacts, and sending an email notification.

Strategy and Solutions

Our Agile teams used Full-Stack Product Engineering, AWS Cloud-Native, WI-FI SDN Cloud Orchestration, Web and Mobile Apps, Augmented Analysis and Reporting, Quality Automation, and CI/CD Automation. We implemented the overall end-to-end CI/CD and added value to the project. Also supported the client by enhancing the existing manual tasks and automate them. Our team implemented a Jenkins pipeline to build the CXD images and push them to the artifactory management systems.

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