Chapter 11 Corporate Restructuring Solution


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The Client

Stretto offers US Chapter-11 Corporate Restructuring case support. Whether your needs involve claims and noticing, liquidating Chapter 11, debtor-in-possession, assignments for the benefit of creditors, or deposit management, Stretto’s unique combination of people, processes, and technology provide the right solution. The Stretto platform offers maximum efficiency in deposit management and case administration while providing a convenient, single interface for integrated banking, claims management, and workflow tracking.

Business challenges

Stretto entered the US Chapter-11 bankruptcy management business with an urgency to develop a cloud-native solution to manage complex workflows and regulatory regimes for end-to-end case management.

Business impacts/key results achieved

Zymr was recruited based on its track record to help develop an AWS-native bankruptcy management solution that incorporated complex workflows between clients entering Chapter-11 bankruptcy, professionals, debtors, creditors, notifying parties, and the case management team. The solution consisted of five independent systems tethered together using AWS messaging queues and deployed to tackle the most tangled corporate restructuring projects. This was indeed a concept-to-cloud initiative that took intense collaboration between our mammoth development team of 100+ engineers working with our client over 16+ months to launch the 1.0 release on AWS. The system is now handling multiple bankruptcy case management projects.


Strategy and Solution